How UnsubCentral Seamlessly Integrates With Mailchimp

How UnsubCentral Seamlessly Integrates With Mailchimp

We are excited to announce that UnsubCentral can be seamlessly integrated with Mailchimp, the email marketing platform from Intuit. This integration makes it easy for users to connect their Mailchimp account with UnsubCentral, allowing them to manage their Mailchimp opt outs and unsubscribes directly within the Mailchimp platform. The integration also enables users to easily push and fetch emails from Mailchimp while using UnsubCentral’s tools to manage email suppression list data and sync email preferences. Overall, this integration streamlines the process of managing email preferences and helps businesses maintain compliance with anti-spam laws.

What does this Mailchimp integration give our customers?

Thanks to UnsubCentral’s ability to integrate with Mailchimp, users of both platforms will be able to use them together to:

  • Centralize and Sync Outlook Unsubscribes: UnsubCentral’s software helps businesses ensure compliance with email regulations by constantly monitoring their email activity and updating their data lists. By centralizing Mailchimp opt outs with other opt out data through a detailed and automated process, we can ensure that it is sent to the appropriate channels and removed from others, preventing emails from being sent or received by the wrong parties and making it easier to manage unsubscribes and remove them from email lists. 
  • Centralize Your Data when Mailing from Multiple ESPs: To go one step further, UnsubCentral can centralize your data even if your brand uses multiple email service providers. We’re sure you’re aware of how challenging it is to effectively manage opt-outs when using multiple email service providers (ESPs) if those ESPs are not fully synchronized. The integration with Mailchimp can assist with this by allowing you to consolidate your suppression data & Mailchimp opt out lists in one secure location, helping ensure that your email program is compliant and that unsubscribers are satisfied.
  • Ensure the Sales Team Honors Your Opt-Out Request: Customer 1:1 requests are consolidated and managed with UnsubCentral’s email client suppression tool removing any nonmailable addresses before emails go out, preventing communication from reaching those who have joined your Mailchimp opt out or “do not email” lists
  • Maintain Compliance in your Affiliate Email Marketing Program: To maintain compliance when emailing with a partner who has their own email service provider (ESP), both parties must have access to opt-out data. UnsubCentral helps affiliate marketers using Mailchimp share their Mailchimp opt out data securely. By storing data on the UnsubCentral platform, both you and your affiliates can easily access suppression lists, eliminating the need to manually send lists of customer email data, and helping increase email marketing ROI by reducing time spent on email marketing tasks.
  • Protect Your Brand by Monitoring Partner Activity in Your Affiliate Program: Emailing with external parties can be risky, even if you vet and take careful consideration of your affiliate email marketing partners. UnsubCentral helps prevent potential issues by making it easy for partners to follow compliance guidelines and maintain accurate email lists. Additionally, the Mailchimp integration includes partner monitoring tools to help protect your brand reputation. By using these tools, you can ensure that your email program that you are in control of your email marketing and the only one calling the shots.

Why Sync with Mailchimp?

As a company that is dedicated to helping businesses ensure email compliance and streamline their outbound email processes, UnsubCentral is constantly working to update and expand our solutions in order to provide the best possible customer experience. We understand that different sales teams may use a variety of software and email programs to communicate, so we have been steadily improving our capabilities by integrating with the most widely used platforms, including Mailchimp, HubSpot, and Marketo.

By connecting Mailchimp and UnsubCentral, you can standardize your email activity and centralize all of your lists in a single location, eliminating data silos and making it easier to manage Mailchimp opt outs alongside any other opt out data. Our global suppression list management solutions, available through the Mailchimp integration, make compliance easier than ever before. Additionally, you can use this integration to address any affiliate marketing issues that may arise due to problematic partners.

How to Connect the Mailchimp Integration in your UnsubCentral account?

Connecting Mailchimp to UnsubCentral is fairly straightforward! To get started, you will need to make a batch operations request in your Mailchimp account. More specifically, you will be making a batch operations request using their REST API. When you go to your account settings, you will need to retrieve the API key for authentication and the list ID so that you can set up a fetch and push transfer with UnsubCentral. 

If you are struggling to figure out how to complete the integration, we have a guide post explaining the setup in more detail. Additionally, feel free to reach out to us with any questions or to request a demo

UnsubCentral: Your Partner in the Compliance

At UnsubCentral, we are dedicated to helping marketing and sales professionals simplify their work by providing solutions that make compliance with data privacy laws and regulations easy. We stay up to date on the latest news and updates, while offering a variety of email compliance solutions in one place to help our clients succeed. If you have other platforms that you would like us to integrate with or if you have specific needs that are not currently met by our solutions, please let us know. We are always looking for ways to improve and expand our offerings to better serve our clients.

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