Suppression List Management for
Brands & Affiliates

Manually managing your email opt-out data takes time, wastes resources, and puts your email compliance and brand
integrity at risk. UnsubCentral simplifies the process across your email channels with efficiency and consistency.

UnsubCentral Is Your All-In-One Solution for Compliant Outbound Marketing

Leaders in Security

We have been a trusted email list security & distribution platform for Fortune 500 brands for more than 14 years.

Fast & Scalable Software

We work efficiently and effectively to scrub and centralize your email suppression lists and preferences across platforms.

User-Friendly Interface

We provide an interface with robust functionality and automated features to collect, manage, and distribute suppression lists.

Our Extensive List of
Integrations & Networks

UnsubCentral’s robust suite of APIs, automated transfers, and syndication provide seamless and secure data
integration with affiliate networks, Email Service Providers (ESPs), FTP and SFTP servers, HTTP remote sites,
and other customer data platforms.
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    Share Suppression Lists Across Platforms

    We provide the simplest way to share email suppression lists so you no longer have to move opt-out data manually. We integrate with CPA networks and affiliate management platforms to seamlessly automate your email compliance.

List Syndication through
CPA Networks

We provide a full suite of APIs, ESPs, retargeting, and affiliate tracking platforms that easily integrate with most technology stacks.

Keys for Partners

Our system allows for automated transfers for quick, easy, and secure data transfer between partners and other platforms.

Secure List

We provide a full suite of APIs, ESPs, retargeting, and affiliate tracking platforms that easily integrate with most technology stacks.

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    Reduce Your Lead Acquisition Costs

    Stop paying for leads you can’t use. Our lead hygiene solution allows you to securely store email list data and scrub email lists across multiple partners so you can avoid duplicate leads and contacting leads who may have already unsubscribed from your communications.

Multiple Email Lists

We remove duplicate email addresses and clean your lists to ensure that you only purchase unique leads.

Improved Prospect

We make sure that your new leads never receive duplicate emails, reducing the risk of reputation exposure and high costs.

Customer Email

Our management system provides you with the tools and resources to avoid sending irrelevant email offers to your customers.

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    Monitor Partner Mail Compliance

    You work hard to protect your brand. Your third-party partners should do the same. We help you oversee your email compliance to ensure your partners follow CAN-SPAM compliance.

Unsubscribe Monitoring

Gain more insight into your database. We help you see how many unsubscribes specific partners are generating.

Behavior-Based Alerts

We proactively send customizable alerts to notify you of potential non-compliance or brand risks.

Distinctive Reporting

We make compliance reporting simple by providing you with unique activity reports that outlines campaign statistics and CAN-SPAM compliance metrics.

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Establish Healthy Connections
with Your Subscribers

Relieve the headache of a shrinking email list by giving your subscribers options and save the opt-in.

  • Create and implement a preference center within minutes

  • Provide a better and more personalized customer experience

  • Easy management of suppression lists across multiple commercial email channels

  • Allow subscribers to set send frequency and promotion type

  • Increase overall email deliverability rates

  • Save 55%-90% of your subscriber list

  • Put your email list in control with multi-list management

  • Set up solutions with ease, no development team needed

  • Reduce unsubscribe and spam reports

  • Maximize subscriber engagement and satisfaction

Managing Opt-Outs Doesn’t Have To Be So Complicated

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