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What makes UnsubCentral a better way to manage opt outs?2018-05-02T17:11:31+00:00

UnsubCentral acts as a centralized environment for all email suppression data. Your internal teams can store and share opt-out lists in a timely, secure and convenient way. Your affiliates can access this environment from their preferred platforms, too. Having one system (that’s extremely easy to use) means all your partners will be more inclined to follow the rules.

What are the risks of managing opt outs manually—or not at all?2017-07-10T22:45:53+00:00

When it comes to maintaining hundreds or thousands of customer email addresses, manual recordkeeping is bound to create errors and oversights. And with opt-out lists originating from different campaigns, on top of different sources, even the most organized teams would have trouble keeping files current.

Manually distributing your opt-out lists is another major concern. If you don’t have a tool in place to hash or encrypt the email addresses in your files, you are exposing yourself to rogue partners. These are bad actors who might sell, rent or otherwise exploit the plain-text data you are sharing, for their own financial gain.

So what happens if you (or one of your partners) accidentally (or intentionally) email an individual who has asked to be removed from your mailing lists? Each email sent in violation of the CAN-SPAM Act can incur penalties of up to $16,000. In certain cases, criminal penalties can be imposed.

Who can manage opt outs with UnsubCentral?2017-07-10T22:45:52+00:00

Brands use UnsubCentral to simplify email compliance and opt-out management. Affiliate networks also use UnsubCentral to proactively monitor the affiliates/publishers within their networks. Learn more about UnsubCentral’s benefits for brands and for affiliate networks.

How can different email partners access lists through UnsubCentral?2017-07-10T22:45:52+00:00

UnsubCentral automates the integration between affiliate tracking platforms, ESPs and CRMs. For affiliate networks, our platform includes a plug-in token so we can integrate with your Cake/HasOffers portal and automate secure partner access.

How does UnsubCentral compare to other opt-out management solutions?2018-05-02T16:56:55+00:00

The short answer is: brands and affiliate networks like us better. It’s the reason why more than 30 percent of our clients come from satisfied user referrals. In terms of speed, service, platform features and security, we are better than any other solution on the market. Click here for a full comparison of how our features and benefits stack up against the competition.

Can UnsubCentral be used to store data from/integrate with multiple ESPs?2017-07-10T22:45:52+00:00

Yes! That’s the beauty of our platform’s centralized repository design. We work with many brands that employ multiple ESPs across different department and campaigns. UnsubCentral integrates and maintains everything for them.

What ESPs does UnsubCentral integrate with?2021-02-03T16:03:15+00:00

In addition to our Marketo Certified integration, UnsubCentral has built-in integrations with many leading ESPs, including:

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud/ExactTarget
  • Salesforce CRM
  • MailChimp
  • Experian CheetahMail
  • Ongage
  • SilverPoP
  • Intuit
  • Epsilon
  • PostUp
  • Responsys
  • Eloqua
  • Acxiom
  • HubSpot
  • Sendgrid
  • Maropost
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Klaviyo
  • Hearsay
  • Cordial

Don’t see your ESP listed? Talk to us!

How much does your service cost?2017-07-10T22:45:53+00:00

Our different editions are based on the complexity of your email program. Review our pricing page to gauge which edition you may need.

What is MD5? And how does it protect email data?2018-05-02T17:15:34+00:00

MD5 is an algorithm, used for its cryptographic hash function. For the purposes of email marketing, MD5 is the industry standard for secure suppression file distribution. The application converts sensitive email data into “hashed” numbers. In this way, customer lists and opt-outs lists can be shared for scrubbing without compromising confidential addresses.

How do I monitor my account?2017-07-10T22:45:53+00:00

UnsubCentral makes it easy to pull unique activity reports, outlining campaign statistics and compliance metrics. With just a few clicks, you can tell (for example) how many unsubscribes a specific partner campaign generated, as compared to open or click rates. You can also see how often partners are downloading your suppression lists and create automated alerts that notify you when partners fail to comply.

What type of customer support do you provide when setting up the account and after?2017-07-10T22:45:53+00:00

For starters, we provide unparalleled service. We work to fully understand your business model, your email program and your compliance needs. Then we take a consultative approach—even advising you on the most reputable affiliate networks.

Once you’re up and running, our full-service support team is always on call (24/7) and always in-house (Austin, TX). We’re ready to assist with opt-out management, suppression lists, affiliate issues or general email compliance questions.

How do I know my email data will be safe with UnsubCentral?2017-07-10T22:45:53+00:00

Protecting your email data and providing secure data distribution are our top priorities. We work with a limited set of technology partners who have met rigorous security requirements and certifications.  Our management and technology teams also follow a strict policy of ongoing security audits—including periodic customer security reviews—and applied controls.

To learn more about how we mitigate, identify and manage risks, visit our Email Data Security page.

UnsubCentral is a sophisticated software in terms of functionality, but simple enough for a novice to use. I’m not very technical, and I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I can set up and manage suppression lists and unsubscribe links.
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