A Fast & Centralized Solution for
Your Opt-Out Data

Brands thrive on exceeding the expectations of their customers – email unsubscribe compliance should be no exception.
Our scalable platform centralizes and syncs your database across platforms to honor your opt-outs instantly.

Opt-Out Data In One Place
Benefits You in the Long Run

Secures Email Revenue

We take extra precautions to ensure you only send emails to recipients you’re legally allowed to message so that you avoid hefty fines.

Reduces Deliverability Issues

We provide you with clear opt-out links to eliminate hidden compliance risks so that your emails are less likely to be marked as spam.

Protects Brand Reputation

We help you honor opt-out requests in real-time so that your brand stays in good standing with both CAN-SPAM and your email recipients.

Our Extensive Network
of Integrations

Seamlessly integrate your email suppression list data and sync email preferences with our robust suite of ESPs
and affiliate networks.

Gain Database Flexibility Through Customization

Customization is the bread and butter of database flexibility and is at the core of what UnsubCentral provides. More than just a tool for suppressing lists of customers, it anticipates the need to make the customer experience better for them (and you).

Solutions Tailored
to Your Goals

With a suite of customizable solutions, you can centralize your customer information and tailor the data to your business goals.

Global Suppression
List Management

With our extensive ESP integrations, you can unify your opt-out data for fully coordinated, automated compliance.

Robust Reporting

Gain better insight into your customer experience. Our Compliance Monitor tools identify issues in real-time before they become significant problems.

Increase Efficiency with Opt-Out Automation

Manually moving opt-out data isn’t only inefficient – it is prone to error. By implementing automated processes into your suppression list management, you can reduce human error and miscommunication.

Efficient Data Processing

Individuals who opt out are automatically removed from email lists in real-time, erasing any potential for them being left on by mistake.

List Scrubbing

To help you monitor and oversee all your unsubscribes, we continuously scrub your email lists in virtually any format.

Built to Grow with You

Our software is built to scale so your email campaigns continue to follow compliance as your business and email lists grow.

Build Your Own Email Preference Center

Save yourself the headache of a shrinking email list. Give your subscribers options and save the opt-in. Our easy preference center solution empowers subscribers to select the email they want and encourages subscribers to stick around.

Unsubscribe Reporting

Save 55%-90% of your subscriber list with our unsubscribe reporting that provides insight into where your recipients are opting out.

No Dev Team Needed

Get your preference center set up without the need to hire a new person. With easy setup, you can take control of your opt-out data and run your operations seamlessly.

Improved Subscriber

Maximize subscriber engagement and satisfaction by allowing them to choose send frequency and promotion type.

Are You Getting the Most from Your
Suppression Lists?

Discover advanced opt-out management strategies and best practices to drive more
revenue from your suppression lists.

“It was a great experience… It took me less than 20 minutes to set up our suppression list, create unsubscribe pages, and generate custom affiliate keys.”

– Julia Matseikovich, VP of Revenue at HealthCare.com

“The interface is extremely easy to use and implementation was a breeze. Our account was set up in less than 24 hours…”

– Julia Matseikovich, VP of Revenue at HealthCare.com
“The interface is extremely easy to use and implementation was a breeze. Our account was set up in less than 24 hours…”
– Julia Matseikovich, VP of Revenue at HealthCare.com

Stop Wasting Your Time with Manual Opt-Out Lists

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