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Our integration with HubSpot allows you to centralize and synchronize your unsubscribe data across your marketing technology stack and implement a preference center without developer resources. By integrating Hubspot and UnsubCentral, you can improve data management and streamline your email activity, making it easier for marketing and sales teams to focus on revenue-driving initiatives.
Centralizing your email lists with this ESP integration can also help ensure compliance with data privacy regulations and make it easier to manage opt-out requests in real-time. In addition, having all your email lists in one location can help you proactively monitor affiliates, vendors, and third parties who have access to your lists to ensure that the information shared with them remains compliant. This can reduce the risk of accidentally violating data privacy laws and help you maintain the integrity of your email marketing efforts.
With UnsubCentral’s Marketo Certified integration, Marketo users can centralize unsubscribe data outside of their Marketo instance for easy synchronization. Often times when using Marketo in conjunction with another email or marketing automation platform can lead to the accidental emailing of users who have previously opted out.
UnsubCentral’s full arsenal of tools aids in the prevention of noncompliance and allows Marketo users to fully utilize their email programs while also maintaining email compliance and protecting their reputation
Through UnsubCentral’s Mailchimp integration for ESPs, you can centralize all of your data in one place, making compliance easy and straightforward across the board. Furthermore, the ESP integration allows our customers to protect your brand by using our monitoring and reporting partner activity tools for affiliate marketing programs.
By converging your Salesforce CRM and UnsubCentral account, you are able to use UnsubCentral’s global suppression list management, intuitive opt-outs, and partner monitoring compliance tools on Salesforce. The integration helps add an extra layer of security to your centralized email data and makes email compliance easy and effortless by automating the process.
UnsubCentral’s integration with Microsoft Outlook simplifies the process of sending emails while ensuring compliance with email suppression list data and syncing email preferences. The ESP integration standardizes email activity across your organization and centralizes email data in an Outlook preference center, eliminating data silos and allowing your team to access organized and updated customer information efficiently. This reduces the risk of accidental non-compliance and fines by ensuring that you do not send emails to users who have opted out or are on unsubscribe or DNE lists. The integration also streamlines productivity, standardizes Outlook unsubscribe processes, and prevents human error that could compromise compliance.
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UnsubCentral’s integration with Gmail enhances email efficiency by synchronizing email suppression list data and customer preferences. The ESP integration additionally centralizes email data for easy access to updated customer information, making it simple to manage customer email preferences and track email activity in real-time. This reduces the risk of accidental non-compliance and potential fines by preventing emails from being sent to opted-out or unsubscribed users. The Gmail integration streamlines productivity by standardizing email processes, minimizing human error and ensuring compliance with industry regulations, making it effortless for you to stay on top of your email marketing and maintain industry compliance.
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Protecting your brand is one of our top priorities. We provide secure data distribution through our set of technology partners who meet rigorous security requirements and certifications. Furthermore, we prioritize the protection of your brand and the security and privacy of your data through secure data distribution and advanced security measures, including data hashing. These measures help ensure that your data is securely stored and protected from unauthorized access or tampering, helping you protect your brand and comply with data privacy regulations. UnsubCentral is committed to maintaining the integrity and security of your email marketing efforts.
As a customer of UnsubCentral, you have access to proactive compliance monitoring and alerts to help you stay on top of potential non-compliance or brand risks. You can receive customizable alerts that notify you of any potential issues, allowing you to take swift action to address them. UnsubCentral also performs ongoing security audits to identify potential risks and apply controls to mitigate and manage those risks. This proactive approach to compliance and security helps ensure that you are able to effectively manage your email marketing campaigns and maintain compliance with data privacy regulations.
UnsubCentral provides you with detailed campaign analytics and reporting tools that allow you to monitor and analyze your email marketing efforts. You can use these tools to track unsubscribes, understand their sources, and improve your email strategies. You can also share data in real time with all of your stakeholders, helping you stay informed about the performance of your campaigns and make data-driven decisions to optimize your marketing efforts.
UnsubCentral provides you with a centralized platform that helps you manage all aspects of your email marketing efforts in one place, improving data management and organization. This centralization makes it easier for you to follow up on tasks and ensure that everything is completed in a timely and compliant manner. Additionally, UnsubCentral’s ESP integrations enable your marketing team to stay informed and aligned on all marketing efforts and subscribers across your most frequently used platforms. By using UnsubCentral, and its ESP integrations, you can streamline your marketing processes and improve compliance, resulting in time and resource savings.

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