Meet The Leadership Team

At UnsubCentral, we believe in offering the best product. But more than that, we believe in providing the best service to our valued clients. Our dedicated team of talented employees makes this possible. With backgrounds ranging from Google, Dell, IBM to entrepreneurs to email and affiliate industry veterans, our team has the skills to allow you to conduct email marketing with ease.

Ben Flora

Managing Director

Client success depends on the education, evaluation, and implementation of solutions. As managing director of UnsubCentral, I have learned that these three ingredients are essential for the continuous improvement of processes and team performance.
After working for over five years at Google and receiving numerous accolades, I made the transition over to UnsubCentral. I now operate as the managing director and owner of all business operations.
I am experienced in running product development processes on time and on budget, and am constantly finding new ways to improve and customize our services to better meet a client’s needs.

Bobby Hawley

Sales Director

As sales director, I help companies connect with our growing body of unsubscribe compliance tools. I’ve worked in sales environments for nearly ten years, and I am skilled in customer service, sales, analytics, and email strategy.
From my experience, I’ve learned that the best philosophy is based around a customer’s experience. Acknowledging unsubscribe requests is about more than just avoiding fines – it’s about keeping customers returning even after they have opted out of a marketing campaign.
But keeping customers happy is just the tip of the iceberg of what we do over here at UnsubCentral. Email compliance can be a tricky subject, and my work experience has involved me sending out millions of them every week. When it comes to compliance, our expertise will ensure minimum hassle and maximum satisfaction.
UnsubCentral is a sophisticated software in terms of functionality, but simple enough for a novice to use. I’m not very technical, and I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I can set up and manage suppression lists and unsubscribe links. Read the Full Case Study