Email Data Comparison Made Easier, Faster, & Safer

Ensuring your email data is consistent across your organization and third-party partners doesn’t need to be complicated. We act as your neutral broker to bridge the gap of email data sharing between you and your partners.
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Your Partner in Email Data Protection

Enforce Compliance & Security

We act as your neutral partner between you and other parties so you can compare contact lists while keeping your customer data secured.

Secure Your Brand’s Reputation

With the ability to scrub millions of records in a matter of minutes, you can identify data inconsistencies and avoid sending messages to your do-not-contact lists.

Avoid Expensive Penalties & Violations

We make it easy to compare and clean your customer data so you can comply with today’s email compliance regulations, including CAN-SPAM.

You Upload Your Data. We Do the Rest.

Compare and receive fully cleaned lists in as little as three steps–and in record time.
  • Set Your Reference File

    Upload the primary client reference file.
    Add your data file, select the file format (from plain text to hashed MD5 files), and set the reference column that gives our software the reference point to compare the data.

  • Drop in Your Candidate File

    Add your candidate file, list, or key for comparison.
    Upload your third-party’s file from either dropping it in, selecting a list from your database, or using an affiliate key. From there, you simply follow the same process as the first step.

  • Receive Your Data Comparison Results

    Select your result preference and activate scrubbing.
    Choose whether you want the final scrub results to be reported as matching or non-matching data points in the comparison of the two files. Hit scrub and get accurate results completely facilitated by us in just a few minutes.

Get Ahead of Your Organization’s Compliance

Download our free compliance handbook to understand why companies are getting fined thousands of dollars and see how you can start improving your company’s email compliance.

Empower Your Teams with Consistent Email Data

With compliant contact lists across your entire organization, every team and partner can deliver better results confidently. See how our Data Comparison tool builds confidence for different areas of your business.
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    Compliance & Privacy Teams

    Ensure compliance across all teams and departments by reviewing previous data activity logs and promoting data comparison processes.

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    Sales & Marketing

    Easily compare email lists to build better segmentation for email marketing campaigns and ensure all messages are going to the right people.

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    Third-Party Partnerships

    Add an extra layer of security to your customer data to not only protect your customers’ personal information but also ensure your partners are not messaging your opt-out lists.

Protect Your Brand
with 100% Confidence

Request a free demo today to see how you can better compare email data across your organization to protect your brand.

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