3 Email Preference Center Examples that Hold on to Subscribers


Marketers devote endless energies to delivering more relevant content to their audiences. From investing in shiny new technology to analyzing data until you go cross-eyed, you may be one of those marketers chasing personalization only to see dismal returns.

Fortunately, delivering more relevant content in the inbox doesn’t have to be a complex operation. Giving subscribers the email they want to see can be as simple as asking them what kind of email they want to see.

It can be as simple as an email preference center.

“Why implement an email preference center?”

Preference centers give your email subscribers a handy way to know why they receive certain emails, learn what email is available to them, and change the types of email they receive.

But it’s not just good for your subscribers. A preference center can help you:

  • Manage opt-outs more efficiently, ensuring CAN-SPAM compliance.
  • Hold on to your email list by giving you one more chance to keep them around.
  • Tailor your email to your subscribers by allowing them to opt down into a sending frequency they prefer rather than opt out entirely
  • Connect your subscribers with content that’s more relevant to their interests, making them more likely to engage.
  • Encourage them to sign up for additional newsletters, giving you more opportunities to engage with them.
  • Keep your brand reputation intact by staying transparent.

Being more up front with your email subscribers can help build relationships with your audience. And better audience relationships can mean more revenue.

“Okay, I’m convinced. Got any preference center examples?”

Glad you asked! Here are three successful preference centers that helped these brands keep their email lists happy. 

Improve your unsubscribe rate by 76%, like New York Media

New York Magazine email preference center examples

Our first preference center example comes from New York Media. They found that their email unsubscribe rates surpassed industry averages. The cause? A one-step email opt-out that unsubscribed users from all communication.

By giving their subscribers a chance to view all available email offerings, they improved their unsubscribe rate by 76%.

Strengthen your email marketing program like Golf Channel.

golf channel email preference center examples

As part of a broader effort to boost their email marketing efforts, The Golf Channel implemented this preference page. It highlights all of their email offerings in a visually appealing way, giving their dedicated email audience more options and more chances to engage.

Try something simple like Tastemade.

tastemade preference center example

Of course, preference centers don’t have to be elaborate. The last of our preference centers is just as effective and visually appearing as more complex preference centers. Tastemade’s simple, elegant preference center fits their brand and does its job.

Just because a subscriber is through with your email doesn’t mean that subscriber is done with your brand. Reducing friction keeps people happy, which just might make a difference outside the inbox. In fact, a simple preference center solution might just be all you need to keep your subscribers around inside the email inbox as well.

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