eBook: UnsubCentral’s Preference Center Lookbook [PDF]

See how these brands are empowering their subscribers with these email preference page examples.
Want to increase your email subscriber retention? Send more relevant marketing emails? Optimize your email program with the strategies used by the email preference page examples in our Preference Center Lookbook.

Retain subscribers by allowing them to opt down.

One of the most common reasons for unsubscribing from a brand’s communications is frequency. Implementing a preference page on your site allows you to hang on to email subscribers by giving them a chance to receive email at a cadence that’s more comfortable for them. Get the guide to see how some brands are using opt down options to great success.

Make your email marketing more relevant.

Increasing the relevancy of your marketing emails can lead to increased email engagement. How can you make sure your email is relevant? By giving subscribers the options to tell you what’s relevant to them. Marketers can use email preference centers to offer subscribers newsletters on different topics or collect data that can be used to segment your email list.

Make your email marketing more relevant.

Some brands have preference pages with rich, interactive interfaces. Others offer simple, clean preference centers. You’ll see examples of both in our preference center lookbook, but you’ll also see that no matter the layout, these preference centers give users a good experience. That’s because they follow preference center best practices.

Get the guide, and you’ll see examples of preference centers that:

Are you ready to optimize your email subscriber experience? Start by seeing how these brands do it. Download UnsubCentral’s Preference Center Lookbook to see how email marketers are empowering subscribers with preference pages.

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