Following CAN-SPAM compliance rules?
That’s a safe play.

Redefining the rules? That’s the mark of an industry leader.

The CAN-SPAM Act requires that email marketers honor opt-out requests within 10 business days. Most email compliance solutions will give you that capability. End of story? Not quite.

Your brand doesn’t get in line behind anyone, when it comes to developing amazing products and best-in-class services. So why should you merely follow the crowd, when it comes to compliance?

With the right email compliance platform, you’ll get complete automation; email list scrubbing; partner monitoring; and secure, on-demand distribution of your suppression files/consumer opt-out requests. UnsubCentral also acts as a centralized Opt-Out System of Record, so all your requests are captured and tracked, regardless of campaign or channel origin.

No matter how many email partners you work with or how many campaigns you distribute, you’ll have the ability to satisfy everyone who comes in contact with your brand. And your teams will have more time to take first place in other categories, too.


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3 Times You Need Email List Scrubbing

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