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4 Travel Tips For Your Co-Marketing Trip

7/28/16 8:30 AM / Posted by Simone Vidauri

There are many benefits to making email co-marketing part of your marketing strategy. It will give you the opportunity to create lasting relationships with like-minded brands. A co-marketing campaign will allow you to be introduced and get to know a new audience that is open to building a trusting relationship with your brand. It will also help to strengthen your message with your own customers because you’ve recommended a brand that they may like and created something useful for them.

Now that I’ve piqued your interest, I will be your captain for this excursion. We’ll be navigating how to pick the right partner for your co-marketing campaign. If you’ve already found your ideal travel companion you can book a trip for 5 Stellar Co-marketing Campaigns to Copy or 3 Wildly Successful Co-Marketing Campaigns with Publishers. Off we go into the wild blue yonder...

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5 Stellar Co-Marketing Campaigns to Copy

7/12/16 1:29 PM / Posted by Simone Vidauri

Here’s the newest low-down on some more than cool co-marketing we’ve seen lately. If you were there when we went on our most recent tour of publishers winning with co-marketing, then you’ll have some idea of what to look forward to in this article. If not, catch up here first, and prepare to be amazed by some brilliant B2C co-marketing campaigns:

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3 Wildly Successful Co-Marketing Campaigns with Publishers

6/29/16 9:00 AM / Posted by Simone Vidauri

Once you’ve completed the herculean task of picking a company to co-market with, it’s time to decide how to execute your plan. Will you offer a giveaway? A discount? Provide beloved customers (or potential customers) with invaluable information? And once you’ve answered these questions, on an even more practical level, how do you execute your plan? What do you need to ensure your campaign will come to fruition with no hiccups and a whole lotta payoff?

Well I’ve got three killer co-marketing campaigns to show you, from companies who have their co-marketing campaigns taking them to the bank. So without further ado, let’s show their moves.

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UnsubCentral Named a Top Trusted Website in OTA’s 2016 Online Trust Honor Roll

6/24/16 11:32 AM / Posted by Unsubcentral


Leader in email compliance recognized for excellence in consumer protection, data security, and responsible privacy practices

Austin, TX– June 24, 2016 –  UnsubCentral, a PostUp company and performance-marketing veteran, today announced it has been named to the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) 2016 Online Trust Honor Roll for demonstrating commitment to leadership in best practices in security, privacy and consumer protection.

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3 Tips for List Scrubbing and Beyond

6/22/16 9:00 AM / Posted by Simone Vidauri



List scrubbing is a necessary tool for being compliant when sending emails. By the sound of it, email list scrubbing means making your lists squeaky clean. But there are uses for scrubbing beyond compliance. List scrubbing means comparing two (or more) encrypted email lists to look for data that does or does not match. Co-marketing, having a central hub for all your email platforms, and segmentation are all marketing strategies that email list scrubbing can help achieve. Here’s a look at how we help our clients scrub their lists..


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Stay In The Pink and Out of The SPAM Folder

5/26/16 2:32 PM / Posted by Simone Vidauri

There comes a time in all our marketing lives where we wonder, what have we done? This moment can manifest for a variety of reasons, but email campaigns should never be one. Emails are that standby guy in the rom-com, the old friend the girl can always count on to deliver. Email is our Duckie.

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3 Ways to Make Unsubscribes Actually Work For You

5/18/16 2:55 PM / Posted by Simone Vidauri

The sting of a customer unsubscribing hurts but can be turned into a teachable moment. If the rate at which some your audience is unsubscribing gives you cause for concern, consider revising your email unsubscribe process.

There can actually be a benefit to unsubscribes. Keep reading to learn why letting your customers easily say hasta la vista actually works in your favor; maybe, just maybe, they’ll be back.

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3 Email Tips for Keeping Subscribers Happy

3/31/16 9:00 AM / Posted by Simone Vidauri

So you’ve been collecting email addresses. Your list is growing, and now you’re ready to launch email campaigns. But before you do, consider these three email tips to keep your audience from pushing those unsubscribe (or SPAM) buttons.





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Best Practices for Political Email

3/24/16 9:00 AM / Posted by Simone Vidauri

We’re well into full political campaign swing.   There’s been heated debates on both sides, campaign dreams rising and crashing, and copious amounts of commercials, social media messages, and emails….oh the emails.

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Email Marketing Compliance: Danger, Email Marketer, Danger!

3/16/16 9:30 AM / Posted by Simone Vidauri

It’s a regular day. You’re getting ready to push that send button on an email campaign. Suddenly, you hear a sweetly shimmering voice in your ear, “Wait! Wait! Are you being CAN-SPAM compliant?” I know this is somewhere on your list of top 10 things that didn’t happen, so let me be the angelic voice of marketing reason for you.

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