Protect your data with Suppression List Security

Secondary Security

Managing email lists and suppression files with the utmost security.

Protecting customer email data and providing secure data distribution are UnsubCentral’s top priorities. UnsubCentral works with a limited set of technology partners who have met rigorous security requirements and certifications. UnsubCentral’s management and technology teams have implemented a strict security policy that includes performing ongoing security audits to identify potential risks and applying controls to mitigate and manage those risks.

Securely Distributing Suppression Lists

UnsubCentral highly recommends hashing (similar to encrypting) your data when distributing suppression lists. The UnsubCentral platform supports:

For more information regarding hashing and encryption, and how we incorporate it into our unsubscribe ecosystem, click here.

Client Security Controls

Data Security Within UnsubCentral

Security Monitoring

UnsubCentral performs ongoing security audits including periodic customer security reviews.

Partner Verified

UnsubCentral is a member of the Performance Marketing Association, as well as the Online Trust Alliance. In May of 2015, UnsubCentral was recognized on the Online Trust Alliance Honor Roll for our commitment to email compliance.

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