Email Compliance Made Simple
for Sales & Marketing

UnsubCentral aligns sales and marketing ecosystems by providing scalable solutions and creative approaches to build
better customer experiences.

Why You Should Optimize Your
Outbound with Email Compliance

Protects Your
Brand’s Reputation

Avoid unwanted email CAN-SPAM violations by honoring “do not email” requests promptly and consistently.

Helps You Gain Control
of Your Database

With well-managed lists shared between your departments, your teams can achieve better results from your email campaigns.

Improves Customer

By ensuring the right emails go out to the right people, your prospects and customers will continue to want to hear from you.

Avoid Messaging Your “Do Not Mail” Lists

When sending 1:1 messaging from mass email lists, it can be difficult to prevent your team from emailing your opt-outs lists. We help you remove any non-mailable addresses before the email even goes out so you never have to worry about messaging the wrong people.

Simple Setup

Just upload your “do not email” or opt-out lists, and we take care of the rest.

No CRM Needed

Your team doesn’t need to learn an additional piece of tech to maintain email compliance.

Global Suppression
List Management

With our extensive ESP integrations, you can avoid manually sharing your email opt-out data.

Boost Your ROI from Email Co-Marketing Campaigns

You don’t have to sacrifice compliance or convenience when a great email co-marketing opportunity presents itself. We ensure your partners are de-duplicating against current customers, unsubscribes, and other suppression lists so you can preserve the integrity of your email data.

Email Lists

We ensure your partners are de-duplicating against current customers, unsubscribes, or other suppression lists.

User Experience

We make sure that your customers don’t receive promotional emails intended for prospects.

Safe Email

We make sharing your message with another brand’s email base safe, secure, and seamless.

Align Your Sales and Marketing Ecosystems

Our Outbound Sales Filtering Tool harnesses a suite of powerful unsubscribe compliance software into a simple and easy method for managing customer unsubscribes across departments and avoiding CAN-SPAM fines.

Build Customized
Unsubscribe Pages

You can’t stop an email recipient from unsubscribing, but you can gather information to improve your messaging and conversions.

Meet Your Customer

Acting on unsubscribe requests can be a time consuming process. We automatically remove these individuals from future mailing lists.

Gain Better Insight into
Your Unsubscribes

Our macro-level reporting tools give you more concrete information on your email campaigns at scale, allowing your teams to improve their efforts.

Go Beyond CAN-SPAM Compliance with
Our Compliance Library

Gain insight into maintaining email compliance, optimizing affiliate email marketing campaigns,
and making the most of your email suppression lists.


Email Compliance that Works
for Sales and Marketing

The only way to avoid CAN-SPAM fines with absolute certainty is to remain fully compliant at all times, across all divisions of your company.

  • Set up opt-out lists in our centralized database

  • Generate unsubscribe links

  • Provide a single source for opt-outs

  • Monitor business partners

  • Communicate unsubscribes across marketing and sales platforms

  • Show activity reporting for all mail processed

  • Receive alerts of potential non-compliance or brand risks

  • Communicate plain text and hash lists across formats

  • Allow access to opt-out lists

  • Access list scrubbing tools that meet the CAN-SPAM unsubscribe threshold

“UnsubCentral is a convenient, centralized tool for all our email compliance activities. Setting new email affiliates live is now as fast as flipping a switch.”

– Julia Matseikovich, VP of Revenue at

“It was a great experience… It took me less than 20 minutes to set up our suppression list, create unsubscribe pages, and generate custom affiliate keys.”

– Julia Matseikovich, VP of Revenue at
“The interface is extremely easy to use and implementation was a breeze. Our account was set up in less than 24 hours…”
– Julia Matseikovich, VP of Revenue at

Get More Out of Your
Suppression Lists

Request a demo with our team to see how our tailored solutions, robust reporting, and best-in-class client support can solve the most vexing email compliance issues for both your marketing and sales teams.