eBook: Email Compliance Best Practices
for Digital Marketing Agencies [PDF]

Refresh your knowledge of email compliance best practices with this free guide.

Multi-channel marketing is central to any digital marketing agency, and marketers know email is the digital channel that drives the highest ROI. But with great potential for ROI comes great responsibility for email compliance. In this free eBook, we’ll provide tips for managing the email subscriber experience and maintaining your digital marketing ROI.

Protect brand reputation in the email inbox.

As a digital marketing agency, you help brands devise effective cross-channel communication strategies. When it comes to email marketing, it’s important to maintain brand reputation at each step of the customer journey, from welcome email messaging to the unsubscribe process.

Just because a consumer opts out of your email doesn’t mean they’re done with your brand. Maintain the user experience by staying on-brand and CAN-SPAM compliant all the way to the end. Download the guide to see examples of creative opt-out screens.

Maintain compliance during co-marketing campaigns.

Email co-marketing is a great way to drive more revenue for your clients by creating content for their shared customers. For co-marketing campaigns to be successful, partners must stay compliant with CAN-SPAM and other email compliance laws.

To honor all opt-outs, brands must share email suppression lists, but they have to do so safely. Make sure suppression files are secured, and consider using a suppression list management solution to house email data centrally.

Manage subscriptions with email preference centers.

Preference centers empower customers to choose the email they want to receive. This helps brands to send relevant email messaging, increasing conversions and revenue. It also ensures they have a chance to opt into more relevant emails before they opt out entirely. It’s a win-win.

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