Less Busy Work, More Automation!

Less Busy Work, More Automation!


Most folks in the email marketing industry are aware of the need to push and fetch data from point A to point B. Today, I’d like to highlight how you can take advantage of the secure automation features available in UnsubCentral to help with the process. If you are doing any of the following, you are a great candidate for benefiting from our automation functionality:

  • Manually having to import and/or export data
  • Providing UnsubCentral with other data besides an opt-out file (e.g. customer list(s) for a strategic campaign that resides with a thirrd party partner)
  • Providing your ESP or other partners with opt-outs collected via UnsubCentral

The majority of users prefer not be tied to their desk when it comes to the busy work of data transferring. By utilizing transfers, which automate the process of pushing and fetching data, you will free up time but more importantly will ensure the utmost accuracy by eliminating the required manual tasks. In addition you will be confirming that your lists are always up to date, which is crucial because of the time sensitive nature of opt-outs (CAN-SPAM requires a 10 day window be enforced).

Alongside CAN-SPAM compliance, you likely want to protect your brand(s) during strategic campaigns. To ensure this occurs, automating the data sharing process is a must do!  Automation incentives are a scalable solution that can help you successfully maneuver around the email marketing world.

After all this talk about automating the data moving process, you may be wondering how you can ensure security. We recommend the use of PGP encryption, which stands for “pretty good privacy”. If you prefer an extra layer of security at the data level, we also support MD5 and SHA-256 hashing of email addresses. Now that you know the benefits of automating and how to ensure security, let’s take a look at how UnsubCentral allows for automation:

  • API access and support
  • SFTP and FTP data fetching and pushing
  • Basic HTTP Fetching
  • UnsubCentral cross-account data fetching and pushing
  • Ability to run daily, weekly or a combo of any day of the week you prefer
  • Freedom to set specific time of day process is to be executed
  • Configurable email alerts to track each individual data fetch and push
  • Critical option to be notified if zero records were fetched or pushed

If you’d like to find out more about setting up automation for your account, reach out to your Account Manager or UnsubCentral support at [email protected]

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