Email Compliance: What You Need to Know [PDF]

Email marketing: it drives clicks, conversions, and ROI better than any other marketing channel. But without the right precautions in place, it can cost your program thousands (or more) in regulatory fines. Before you grow your email list or compose that first CTA, you need to lay down the foundation. In The Email Compliance Handbook, you’ll find answers to these questions:

What is email compliance?

Compliance isn’t just another email marketing best practice; it’s mandatory. Marketers who aren’t CAN-SPAM compliant risk fines, lost revenue, and unhappy customers. Maybe you know some guidelines, but email laws go further than removing opt-outs from your list in 10 business days. In this handbook, you’ll learn what constitutes spam and why it’s important to have an email program that follows email laws and regulations, from CAN-SPAM to CASL.

How can I practice email compliance?

Now that you know what compliance means, it’s time to learn the tools and tactics for ensuring your program stays that way. This guide doesn’t just cover B2C email marketing. Read on to see how email compliance affects B2B email marketers and how suppression lists can keep you CAN-SPAM compliant when doing affiliate email marketing.

I’m compliant, now what?

Go the extra mile! The measures that email marketers put in place to maintain compliance can also help them provide a better customer experience, protect their brand, and secure their data. Get the guide for advanced opt-out management strategies and ways to safely drive more affiliate revenue with suppression list management solutions.

Learn how to send email responsibly, keep your customers happy, and lay the foundation for a profitable email program. Download the Email Compliance Handbook now!

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