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The simplest way to share email suppression lists?

share email suppression lists

Let your partners pick the place.

UnsubCentral integrates with CPA networks and affiliate management platforms, so nobody moves opt-out data manually. In fact, UnsubCentral was designed for seamless automation, whether utilizing syndication through CPA networks or auto-generating keys.

List Syndication through CPA Networks
UnsubCentral provides the most robust suite of APIs in the industry.

Auto-Generating Keys for Individual Partners
Automated transfers are also available for quick, easy, and secure data feeds with email partners and various technology platforms.

Securely share email suppression lists.

The industry standard for secure suppression file distribution.

An added layer of password protection that can be added to hashed suppression lists.

It was a great experience… It took me less than 20 minutes to setup our suppression list, create unsubscribe pages, and generate custom affiliate keys.

– Julia Matseikovich, VP of Revenue at

See what else you can do with UnsubCentral:

manage email opt outs

Be the brand your customers love‚ÄĒseriously efficient about honoring their opt-out requests.

practice email list scrubbing

Give your partners access to simple list scrub tools, including a desktop scrubbing application.

monitor affiliate email marketing partners

No-fuss partner auditing lets you pull unique activity reports and create behavior-based alerts based on your high standards.

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