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Global Suppression List Management:
Get It Together with UnsubCentral

Do you need global suppression list management?

How do today’s best brands manage their suppression files across partners and platforms?

They establish common ground.

Say hello to UnsubCentral, the opt-out management solution that sits squarely at the union of email activity and email compliance. UnsubCentral can pull together disparate opt-out data and deliver fully-coordinated compliance for any email marketing program.

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Do you use multiple ESPs or marketing automation tools? Do your various customer-facing groups work from disparate CRMs? If they do, you probably know these systems aren’t good at talking to each other.

Meanwhile, manually sharing email opt-out data takes time, wastes resources, and puts your email compliance (and brand integrity) at risk.

The solution? Connect your teams—acquisition, retention, everyone—with the email suppression platform that smart brands trust.

UnsubCentral is a fully automated global suppression list management solution. It never calls in sick, goes on vacation, or quits. With UnsubCentral, synchronization of your suppression lists happens automatically. That means you can spend less time on compliance and more time on strategy.

UnsubCentral also keeps you compliant when changing email service providers. If you’ve outgrown your ESP or choose an alternative vendor, UnsubCentral acts as a central repository for email data during your transition—collecting and honoring opt-outs from both systems throughout the process.

See how UnsubCentral can help your brand “get it together,” when it comes to complex campaigns and sophisticated email programs. Request a tour of our global suppression list platform:

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Global Suppression List Management:
Get It Together with UnsubCentral


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