Enterprise Lead Hygiene

Reduce your lead acquisition costs by 25%.

Are you paying for leads you can’t use?

If your partners each have email lists in the millions, chances are you’ll purchase duplicate leads. Worse, some of those leads could have already unsubscribed from your communications, and emailing even a single opt-out could cost you thousands in CAN-SPAM fines.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to optimize your lead generation efforts.

The Marketing Compliance Checklist for Beginners

UnsubCentral’s Lead Hygiene solution allows you to securely store email list data and scrub lists across multiple partners.

  1. De-dupe multiple email lists at a time. That way, you only purchase unique leads.
  2. Free up lead space in your CRM. Store your unsubscribes in a centralized location.
  3. Improve prospect experience. Prevent your new leads from receiving duplicate emails.
  4. Suppress your current customers. Avoid sending irrelevant email offers.
  5. Prioritize preferred partners. Control what happens when duplicates are found.