Going Beyond Email Compliance: 7 Surprising Use Cases for Email Suppression Lists [PDF]

Email suppression lists are essential for staying CAN-SPAM compliant.

These lists hold the email addresses you don’t want to receive your emails, ensuring you honor opt-outs and reach the right people with your email. But if you’re only using suppression lists for email compliance, you’re not getting the most out of your email marketing program. Go beyond compliance. With strategic use of your suppression files, you can:

De-duplicate your internal email lists.

According to a global email survey, only 64% of email marketers say they have a centralized approach to email communications. If you’re in the one-third with a decentralized email program or you use multiple ESPs to send email, a suppression list management solution could help you manage opt-outs more efficiently across your entire program.

Create smart co-branded email campaigns.

Email suppression lists aren’t just for people who have unsubscribed from your communication. Use these files when you team up with emailing partners to identify prime potential customers, exclude the ones who aren’t, and drive more conversions. Download the guide to learn how email marketers can share suppression lists safely and keep data secure.

Suppress inactive subscribers for targeted marketing campaigns and email re-engagement programs.

Have subscribers stopped engaging with your emails? If so, then sending them the same email could be hurting your marketing efforts. Use suppression lists to isolate disengaged contacts while you develop a stellar re-engagement email campaign or winback program.

Ready to do more with your suppression files? Going Beyond Email Compliance: 7 Surprising Use Cases for Email Suppression Lists can help. To learn more about how email suppression lists can drive your marketing ROI, download our free guide today.


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