How Email Acquisition Marketing Drives Revenue [PDF]

10 reasons to add email marketing to your affiliate channels.
Is affiliate email marketing worth the effort? Only if you’re interested in acquiring more customers, driving conversions, and building a successful affiliate program. Email is one of the top sources of customer acquisition, and if you’re not leveraging it, you’re not maximizing your revenue.

Need more reasons to add the inbox to your acquisition strategy? We have 10 pretty good ones. In our free eBook, you’ll learn how:

Email helps affiliate marketers build relationships

The inbox is a direct link to potential customers. No waiting on search or social algorithms with declining organic reach; with email, you can reach them anytime. Take advantage of this connection by growing your list with email acquisition, then delivering tailored content that drives conversions. Read the guide to see how email makes segmented campaigns, event-triggered messaging, and personalized marketing possible.

Email marketing reaches the mobile audience

The latest email marketing statistics confirm: the majority of emails are now opened on mobile. When your audience is mobile, email can connect you with them. With email, you can optimize your affiliate campaigns for any mobile device, strengthening your cross-channel marketing program.

Email outperforms other digital marketing channels

Why are email acquisition efforts so important? Simply put, affiliate email can do things that other digital marketing channels can’t. In our guide, you’ll learn why email earns affiliate marketers higher conversion rates, stronger brand protection, and a higher lifetime customer value. 

What are the other reasons to leverage this powerful affiliate marketing channel? Keep reading. Download The Amazing Opportunities of Email Acquisition Marketing: 10 Reasons to Add Email to Your Affiliate Channels to learn how you can drive higher affiliate ROI with the inbox.


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