Email List Scrubbing
Doesn’t Have to Involve Manual Labor

Email marketing is messy. Clean it up.

  1. Your email partner uploads his mailing list. If he doesn’t want to upload his mailing list, he can access our desktop list scrubbing app, which lets him scrub lists on his own hard drive.
  2. Your partner’s email list is scrubbed against a hashed list that you provide. Without revealing any plain-text information, or exchanging any data at all, UnsubCentral removes opt-out addresses or duplicate customer addresses.
  3. Ta-da! A clean list is generated. We even send a friendly notification when the list scrubbing is complete.

See what else you can do with UnsubCentral:

Manage Opt-Outs

Be the brand your customers love—seriously efficient about honoring their opt-out requests.

Share Suppression Lists

See the quick, easy, secure way to share suppression data with your email partners via their preferred platforms.

Practice Email List Scrubbing

Give your partners access to simple list scrub tools, including a desktop scrubbing application.

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