Traveling the Land of Email Co-Marketing [PDF]

What is Co-Marketing? And why does it work so well?

Email co-marketing is a partnership between brands that allows companies to promote an offer to their shared audience; specifically, in the inbox. Done right, co-marketing builds audiences, increases conversions, and drives revenue. Those are traits it shares with email marketing, which makes email the perfect place to create co-marketing campaigns.
In Traveling the Land of Co-Marketing, you’ll learn just how far these email partnerships can go.

Co-Marketing Partnerships

How do brand pick the right co-marketing partners? For a killer campaign, companies must consider their partner’s resources, audience, brand appropriateness, and reputation. That way, the co-marketing campaign will benefit both parties. Learn how to make sure your target market and audience align with your partners to maximize your co-marketing ROI.

Creating Email Co-Marketing Campaigns

Once you’ve got your marketing partner, it’s time to create your co-marketing campaign. For a successful campaign, you must establish branding guidelines, keep in contact with your co-marketing partner, design a killer marketing email, and watch the email marketing revenue roll in. Oh, but before you send those emails, make sure you secure your list data and scrub those email lists! Grab the guide for examples of effective co-marketing email campaigns.

Co-Marketing for Publishers and Retailers

Email newsletters are a great place for publishers and retailers alike to promote their products. By co-marketing, these companies can team up with a brand that offers a relevant product or boasts a niche audience. Either way, they’re marketing to an audience that’s likely to convert. See how brands are using giveaways, contests, and discounts to drive revenue and grow their email lists.

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