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CareInHomes provides engaging content to those looking for senior care for themselves or loved ones, and is a leading referral source in the United States for senior care providers. Their proprietary platform connects families and caregivers with health and service providers that best meet family resources and needs. Examples of services include cooking, cleaning, home help, and medication management. Over the last 8 years, CareInHomes has helped millions of families receive the services and support they need.

The Challenge

CareInHomes maintains a database of hundreds of thousands of seniors and service providers across multiple websites. However, with such a vast network of users, adhering to email best practices can be complicated. It is critical to CareInHomes to ensure the relevance of communications so that their families are provided with the best and timely information. CareInHomes needed a secure, stable, and automated email subscription management solution that worked with their many sites to ensure regulatory compliance for all communications.

The Solution

Using its flexible platform, UnsubCentral created a customized solution tailored to CareInHome’s specific needs. This solution manages all email unsubscribe links and the corresponding opt-out and preference management pages. UnsubCentral maintains records that track unsubscribers all the way back to the founding of CareInHomes, preventing previous unsubscribers from receiving unwanted communication, ensuring both good customer experience and regulatory compliance.

The Results

With the UnsubCentral “set it and forget it” solution, CareInHomes effortlessly maintains email best practices. They can devote their energies elsewhere, knowing that they can count on UnsubCentral to uphold compliance and ensure customer satisfaction.


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We’ve used UnsubCentral for a long time, and it’s great to be able to focus on helping our customers, knowing that our email compliance is in safe hands.

Joe Bernard

Email Marketing Manager, CareInHomes