eBook: The Growing Advantage of Affiliate Email Marketing [PDF]

Send email and make more money with your affiliate marketing program.

US businesses spent over $5 billion on affiliate marketing in 2017. But are you getting the most from your affiliate program? Unfortunately, if you’re not using email, the answer is no.

Email marketing drives higher ROI than any other affiliate channel, making it a natural fit for your profitable third-party strategy. Download our guide to learn what makes email marketing so successful and how affiliate marketers can use it to drive more revenue. You’ll see how you can:

Get more measurable results with email.

Email provides measurable, actionable data to improve your affiliate marketing efforts. Your can monitor marketing gains directly through your ESP or email marketing platform, tracking metrics like open rate, clicks, forwards, and social shares. When you can effectively measure your ROI, you’re more likely to increase your ROI.

Improve personalization with targeted email campaigns.

Smart email acquisition helps advertisers and partner publishers build more segmented mailing lists. Working with an affiliate network or OPM, today’s brands can find publishers with highly-segmented lists in incredibly niche markets. Read the guide to see how personalized content drives revenue for brands of all sizes.

Protect your brand reputation with email suppression.

With email, affiliate marketers can also exclude consumers, ensuring more relevant content for them and more qualified leads for you. By using email suppression lists and securely sharing them with email partners, you reduce email fatigue and protect your brand.

77 percent of online consumers say they prefer to receive permission-based marketing messages via email. Download The Growing Advantage of Affiliate Email Marketing to start sending the kind of digital marketing communications your audience wants to see


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