Who’s got time to monitor email partners?

monitor email partners

You do, when CAN-SPAM compliance reporting and audit trails are this easy.

  • Monitor email partners to see how often they download suppression lists.
  • See how many unsubscribes specific partners are generating.
  • Receive alerts when partners fail to download your list within a set timeframe.
  • Pull unique activity reports, outlining campaign statistics and CAN-SPAM compliance metrics.
  • Setting up new email partners in UnsubCentral is “as fast as flipping a switch” according to our clients.

UnsubCentral is a convenient, centralized tool for all our email compliance activities. Setting new email affiliates live is now as fast as flipping a switch.

– Julia Matseikovich, VP of Revenue at HealthCare.com

See what else you can do with UnsubCentral:

manage opt outs

Manage Opt-Outs

Be the brand your customers love—seriously efficient about honoring their opt-out requests.

share email suppression lists with affiliates

Share Suppression Lists

See the quick, easy, secure way to share suppression data with your email partners via their preferred platforms.

email list scrubbing and compliance

Practice Email List Scrubbing

Give your partners access to simple list scrub tools, including a desktop scrubbing application.

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