Email Co-Marketing Campaigns
Easier (and More Effective) than You Think…

Email marketing delivers superior ROI
over all other digital channels.

And its returns only grow, when you partner with brands that are already loved and trusted by your target audience. So why wouldn’t you develop email co-marketing campaigns?

Let us guess: it seems complicated, right?

The truth is, hundreds of smart, successful advertisers are achieving big wins via email co-marketing… and not because they’re spending endless hours de-duping email lists or confirming compliance practices.

At UnsubCentral, we do the legwork for you. We offer B2B list scrubbing—specifically for email co-marketing campaigns—so both brand participants can preserve the integrity of their email data. We ensure your partners are de-duplicating against current customers, unsubscribes, or other suppression lists. In short, we make sharing your message with another brand’s email base as seamless and secure as possible.

Now, you don’t have to sacrifice compliance or convenience when a great email co-marketing opportunity presents itself. You don’t even have to purchase list-scrubbing technology beyond a one-time scrub. So start scoping your lineup of potential email partners

Meanwhile, ask about our industry-leading list scrubbing technology or our white-glove list scrubbing services, specifically for email co-marketing.


List Scrubbing for Co-Marketing Email

Let UnsubCentral Handle It


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