Klaviyo and UnsubCentral Can Now Be Integrated

Klaviyo and UnsubCentral Can Now Be Integrated

We are thrilled to unveil that UnsubCentral now seamlessly integrates with the leading e-commerce marketing automation platform, Klaviyo. With this Klaviyo integration, you can effortlessly send emails while utilizing your email Klaviyo suppression list data and syncing your email preferences. The integration not only allows you to access all of Klaviyo’s powerful features but also enhances them with the added benefits of UnsubCentral.

What does this Klaviyo Integration give our customers?

Thanks to UnsubCentral’s ability to integrate with Klaviyo, users of both platforms will be able to use them together to:

  • Centralize and Sync Email Unsubscribes: UnsubCentral and Klaviyo work together to centralize and streamline the process of managing email opt-outs. UnsubCentral’s software monitors email activity and updates data lists, ensuring that Klaviyo unsubscribe requests are properly documented and removed from email lists.
  • Centralize Your Data when Mailing from Multiple ESPs: For brands using multiple email service providers (ESPs), UnsubCentral can centralize all suppression data in one secure location. The integration with Klaviyo ensures that Klaviyo opt out data is accessible and synchronized between ESPs, helping maintain email program compliance and satisfying unsubscribers.
  • Ensure the Sales Team Honors Your Opt-Out Request: customer 1:1 requests are consolidated and managed with the UnsubCentral’s email client suppression tool removing any nonmailable addresses before emails go out, preventing communication from reaching those who have joined Klaviyo opt out or “do not email” lists.
  • Maintain Compliance in your Affiliate Email Marketing Program: Sharing opt-out data between affiliates and their own ESPs can be challenging. UnsubCentral’s platform stores your Klaviyo suppression lists alongside other opt out data, making it easy for both parties to access and follow email compliance guidelines, increasing email marketing ROI by reducing manual tasks.
  • Protect Your Brand by Monitoring Partner Activity in Your Affiliate Program: By integrating UnsubCentral with Klaviyo, users can monitor the activity of their affiliates and protect their brand by ensuring that opt-out requests are honored and email practices are compliant. This helps maintain the reputation of the brand and prevent unwanted emails from being sent.

Why Sync with Klaviyo?

At UnsubCentral, we are dedicated to providing businesses with the most comprehensive and user-friendly email compliance and outbound email process solutions. To ensure the best customer experience, we are constantly working to improve and expand our offerings by integrating with the most popular platforms in the market, such as Klaviyo, Mailchimp, and Hubspot.

Our integration with Klaviyo allows you to streamline your email activity and centralize all your Klaviyo opt out lists in one location, eliminating data silos and simplifying opt-out management. Our global suppression list management solutions make compliance effortless. Furthermore, you can use this integration to effectively resolve any affiliate marketing challenges that may arise from problematic partners or any other ecommerce email marketing issues.

How to connect the Klaviyo Integration in your UnsubCentral accounts?

Setting up an integration between Klaviyo and UnsubCentral involves several steps. First, an API Key must be generated within the Klaviyo account. To do this, log in to your Klaviyo account, navigate to Account > Settings > API Keys, and create a new API Key. Once you have generated the API Key, log in to your UnsubCentral account and set up a transfer. Go to Transfers > New Transfer, select Klaviyo as the transfer type, and enter the API Key. You will also need to select the Klaviyo list(s) you want to sync with UnsubCentral. To complete the integration, you will need to set up two separate tasks in UnsubCentral: one to fetch unsubscribes from the Klaviyo list and another to push unsubscribes to the Klaviyo list. To set up each task, go to Transfers > Tasks > New Task, select the Klaviyo Transfer, and set the task to run at a desired interval. If you remain uncertain about how to complete the transfer and properly implement the integration, feel free to reach out to us with any questions or to request a demo

UnsubCentral: Your Partner in Compliance

UnsubCentral is committed to empowering marketing and sales professionals with effortless compliance to data privacy laws and regulations. We stay current on industry updates and offer a comprehensive suite of email compliance solutions to ensure our clients’ success. If you have any additional platforms you would like us to integrate or specific needs that are not currently met by our offerings, please let us know. We are constantly seeking ways to enhance and expand our services to better serve our clients.

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