How UnsubCentral Seamlessly Integrates With Salesforce

How UnsubCentral Seamlessly Integrates With Salesforce

We are thrilled to announce that UnsubCentral now offers a seamless integration with the CRM system Salesforce. This Salesforce Preference Center makes it easy for users to connect their Salesforce account with UnsubCentral, allowing them to manage all of their outbound marketing needs within the Salesforce platform. The integration enables users to easily pull unsubscribes from leads or contacts and manage other marketing needs while using UnsubCentral’s tools to manage and monitor the consolidated data. Additionally, UnsubCentral’s integration offers increased protection with added authentication security. Overall, this integration streamlines the process of managing email preferences and helps businesses maintain compliance with anti-spam laws.

What does this Salesforce Preference Center give our customers?

In detail, thanks to the Salesforce integration, our customers will be able to 

  • Centralize and Sync Sync Data: UnsubCentral provides businesses with a way to adhere to email regulations by keeping a constant check on their email activity and updating their mailing lists. By consolidating opt-out data through a systematic and automated method, we guarantee that the data is directed to the correct channels and removed from others, thus avoiding emails from being sent or received by unintended recipients and simplifying the process of managing unsubscribes and removing them from mailing lists.
  • Ensure the sales team honors your opt-out request: customer 1:1 requests are consolidated and managed with the UnsubCentral’s email client suppression tool removing any nonmailable addresses before emails go out, preventing communication from reaching those who have opted out or joined “do not email” lists
  • Maintain Compliance: With UnsubCentral’s monitoring and alert features, you can stay on top of all of your emailing efforts and requests, maintaining things in a timely manner with reminders that keep you from accidentally being in noncompliance. 
  • Increased Security Through Intuitive Authentication: We offer OAuth support for an extra security measure that is intuitive and easy to use, protecting all of your sensitive data.

Why Sync with Salesforce?

Get the best out of Salesforce’s customer service and satisfaction tools by integrating them with UnsubCentral. The UnsubCentral & Saleselsforce Preference Center allows you to level up your email marketing by ensuring the utmost compliance. You’ll be able to use both Salesforce and UnSub features in harmony to manage your outbound marketing efforts: connecting with your customers and building meaningful relationships. Schedule emails at your own convenience and desired frequency, monitor sensitive data and manage alerts, and get the most out of your email lists with the new Salesforce integration. 

How to connect the Salesforce Integration in your UnsubCentral account?

To make the integration process as simple and straightforward as possible for you, we have provided instructions on how to create your Salesforce Preference Center by connecting your Salesforce CRM account to UnsubCentral. You will need to create a new API user on your UnsubCentral Administration section with your Salesforce credentials. To gain the information you need from Salesforce, which is the client id, go to the Administration section and select “Installed Packages” on the “Account” dropdown. There, you need to create a new package specific to UnsubCentral. When you do this, you need to make sure that you are creating a “Component” and an “API Integration.” Once you are done creating the package, you can go back to UnsubCentral and input that client ID you retrieved. 

UnsubCentral: Your Partner in the Compliance

UnsubCentral is committed to assisting marketing and sales professionals in simplifying their work by providing user-friendly solutions for compliance with data privacy laws and regulations. We keep track of the latest developments and offer a range of email compliance options all in one place to aid our clients’ success. Please let us know if you have any other platforms you would like us to integrate with or if you are looking for specific requirements that are not met by our current solutions. We are constantly looking for ways to enhance and broaden our offerings for the benefit of our clients.

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