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Affiliate Email Program Compliant with UnsubCentral
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Launched in 2014, is a leading unbiased search, comparison, and recommendation tool for healthcare consumers. It allows users to analyze hundreds of local health insurance options and get data-rich recommendations in order to help them make smarter health plan decisions. strives to deliver easy-to-use tools and relevant, valuable content in a way that engages daily users in hopes of demystifing the healthcare buying experience.

The Challenge

Upon launching in 2014, didn’t work with any partners. After recognizing the opportunity that an affiliate program would afford them, they launched one and included email as an affiliate channel. It was from there that realized they needed to find a solution on how to best manage their suppression lists and create unsubscribe links across their email partners.

The Solution was onboarded onto UnsubCentral’s brand new platform in September 2015. The team found the interface to be very approachable and easy to use. From the initial onboarding call to the platform implementation, UnsubCentral was able to set everything up in less than 24 hours. The solution, which was tailored to’s specific needs and processes, was set up to manage their email unsubscribe links and different suppression lists. UnsubCentral also made sure the platform could create unsubscribe pages and generate custom affiliate keys.

The Results

Following a successful onboarding and implementation, has a user-friendly platform that allows them to track unsubscribes at a granular level, create unique unsubscribe page templates for their users, and most importantly, ensure they are upholding compliance.


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UnsubCentral is a convenient centralized tool for all our email compliance activities. Setting up new email affiliates live is now as fast as flipping a switch.

Julia Matseikovich

VP of Revenue,

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