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How EnerBank Uses the UnsubCentral + HubSpot Integration to Guarantee Marketing Compliance and Improve Workflows

Who is Enerbank?

EnerBank is a home improvement lender, helping contractors grow their businesses and homeowners achieve the home of their dreams. The specialized bank has been offering custom loan payment options and services since 2002. 

To connect with potential homeowners and partner contractors, EnerBank’s Marketing Automation and Email Manager Sterling Ungerman deploys regular outbound email campaigns. While the campaigns are an effective means of lead generation, managing them was complex and time-consuming. 

As an FDIC-insured commercial bank, EnerBank is subject to greater oversight than most businesses. The EnerBank team needs to ensure that all CAN-SPAM requirements are met, and every unsubscribe is quickly and accurately processed. 

As any email marketer knows, an unsubscribe can happen at any hour. Without the right tools, Sterling and his team had to manually comb through email recipient lists several times before an email was sent. And to make matters more challenging, there was no simple way to communicate unsubscribes to third-party vendors, meaning that unsubscribes could potentially slip through the cracks. 

Then, Sterling found the UnsubCentral Integration for HubSpot. UnsubCentral is built for marketing compliance and brand protection through data centralization. This means that all of Sterling’s emails are now automatically scanned by UnsubCentral, and checked for compliance, so the team can conduct their outreach with confidence and skip manual data processes. 

Guaranteeing Marketing Compliance with UnsubCentral + HubSpot

Sterling uses HubSpot’s CRM and the Marketing Hub to create, manage, track and measure email marketing campaigns. From leads to closed deals, all of EnerBank’s prospecting data lives inside of the hub. The team needed a secure compliance solution that could easily integrate with the hub and current workflows. 

After looking into the capabilities and convenience of UnsubCentral, it became an obvious first choice. “The integration between the platforms was fast and trouble-free,” Sterling shared.

Enerbank & UnSubCentral HubSpot Integration

With a compliance tool living directly in their CRM of choice, Sterling and team can guarantee that all emails are CAN-SPAM compliant. This removes hours of manual work, allowing the EnerBank team to focus on delivering high-quality communications.

“We are using the integration as a compliance tool to ensure that our lead generation efforts are not violating regulations,” Sterling says. “It allows us to pursue leads with more confidence knowing that we are not pursuing a lead that may have previously unsubscribed.”

Centralizing and Syncing Unsubscribes with UnsubCentral + HubSpot

UnsubCentral sits at the intersection of email activity and email compliance, unifying EnerBank’s opt-out data for fully-coordinated and automated compliance. With full access to their records, UnsubCentral can check emails outside of HubSpot too, including 1:1 emails sent by the sales team through other tools like Dynamics and Mailchimp. 

UnsubCentral’s email client suppression tool automatically removes any nonmailable addresses before an email goes out. Now, Sterling can ensure that the sales team honors opt-out requests and avoids sending messages to those on “do not email” lists, improving their customer experience, as well as their overall email health.

EnerBank + UnSubCentral - Syncing Unsubscribes

With the internal team operating in unison, the only hurdle left for the EnerBank team was finding an easier way to sync with third-party vendors.

Before UnsubCentral, Enerbank had no secure way of sharing their suppression lists, and could not guarantee that partners would process them on time. 

Using UnsubCentral, EnerBank has direct insight into partner activity. EnerBank can monitor partners to see how often they download suppression lists, and even see how many unsubscribes specific partners are generating. The team can also pull unique activity reports, outlining campaign statistics and CAN-SPAM compliance metrics.


To ensure that suppression lists are updated regularly, EnerBank receives alerts when partners fail to download their lists within a set timeframe. This allows for easier communication between EnerBank and vendors, as both can receive regular updates about their respective compliance action items.

“The automation ensures that all of our platforms are synced and that our third-party vendors can accurately remove our unsubscribes from their lists without sharing confidential or out-of-date files with them.”

Benefits of UnsubCentral integration with HubSpot

For EnerBank, the benefits of the UnsubCentral integration with HubSpot include: 

  • Saving their marketing team time, eliminating manual compliance checks.
  • Centralizing and syncing unsubscribes/do-not-contact data across their technology stack. 
  • Providing secure access points to partners who need to honor their unsubscribe/do-not-contact data.
  • Streamlining partnership management activities altogether to improve relationships with third-party vendors.

Accessible across their tech stack, UnsubCentral is helping EnerBank operate more efficiently. 

“UnsubCentral appears to be the most convenient integration between HubSpot and a third-party platform,” says Sterling. 

Sterling and the marketing team are able to spend their time creating high-quality email campaigns, instead of sifting through data. And, with automatic removal of unsubscribes, their emails receive higher engagement. 

Meanwhile, the sales team no longer needs to check with the marketing team if their prospect has opted out of communications, leaving them more time to focus on pursuing high-quality leads. 

Capable of monitoring thousands of communications at once, UnsubCentral will become even more critical as EnerBank grows. If updates are made to CAM-SPAM policy, the team can rest assured that their emails will remain compliant, as UnsubCentral proactively updates their tools and services.

Learn how the UnsubCentral + HubSpot integration can help your marketing and sales teams by automating marketing compliance activities.

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