Opt-Out Suppression Services – Sendgrid: Now Integrated with UnsubCentral

Opt-Out Supression Services

An unsubscribe ecosystem is only as good as the number of tech stacks it can communicate with. UnsubCentral is pleased to launch its latest integration with Sendgrid, one among dozens in our growing list of ESPs.

UnsubCentral’s mission is to offer companies a simple, fast, and centralized solution for managing unsubscribe lists across platforms. Our focus has been directed towards many of the major ESP software options used by marketing companies today, and with Sendgrid, our list has become even more comprehensive.

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Maintaining a large list of integrated software is critical for any platform looking to scrub lists, and can be costly for companies that fail to allow these lists to communicate. What problems do companies face when they ignore unsubscribe requests, why does this happen, and how does having a centralized unsubscribe tool help mitigate fines that come with failing to comply with unsubscribes?

Companies Need Adaptive Resources

Whether it be Active Campaign, Marketo, Salesforce, or any number of other software options, rarely can a single tool be used alone to achieve a campaign’s goal. For this reason, managing unsubscribe lists successfully depends on disparate software options communicating with each other.

Centralization is key to ensuring unsubscribe compliance. Regardless of how many technologies you are using, there needs to be a single tool that unifies these pieces together.

UnsubCentral’s software acts as a mediator between these different programs. It functions as a central repository for the email addresses or other methods of communication stored across tech stacks. This integration means that lists can be updated in real time.

  • Automation: Manually moving opt-out data isn’t only inefficient – it is prone to error. Through the automation of these processes, individuals can be removed from lists in real time, with no potential of them being left on by mistake.
  • Flexibility: Aside from having a wide number of integrations, UnsubCentral is also able to scrub lists in virtually any format. Plain text lists can be seamlessly compared with hashed lists.
  • Centralization: By keeping your data centralized, it can be accessed by any team, anywhere. UnsubCentral offers a simple, universal tool for all unsubscribe compliance needs.

The Importance of Centralizing Your Unsubscribe Ecosystem

Under the CAN-SPAM Act, all businesses must acknowledge and honor opt-outs of emails within 10 business days, or face penalties of up to $43,280 per violation. This means that every email that gets sent out must be vetted carefully – one email alone can be a costly mistake, but most campaigns involve thousands of emails.

Ten days in internet time is outlandishly long for most users, and even with all of this time, companies fail to comply with unsubscribe requests. This often happens because of a failure to communicate between systems.

For instance, consider a marketing department that uses multiple tech stacks to implement marketing campaigns. If an ESP receives a request that an email recipient wants to unsubscribe from a list, it needs to send that request to all other ESPs sending emails.

Companies often fail at this when these different tools cannot communicate with each other. Marketing departments and agencies rely on a number of different tech stacks to carry out their initiatives. While they share similar functions, the languages that they use to store their lists are different.

Additional problems arise when companies:

  • Use partners for affiliate email marketing campaigns
  • Have sales teams send messages from different technologies
  • Use marketing automation along with another email service provider

To solve this failure of communication, companies rely on tools that are able to share lists between them and scrub them together to remove people who have unsubscribed.

UnsubCentral Offers Flexibility Under Change

As tech stacks enter the market and evolve, our tools are calibrated to reflect those changes. Adding and integrating new marketing technologies like Sendgrid into UnsubCentral’s ecosystem is a part of our ongoing mission to ensure that your brand is protected by lossless unsubscribe compliance.

We are continuously improving our services to include new compliance tools, with features such as extensions built into Microsoft Outlook or our new Phone Number Suppression services and tools. UnsubCentral’s success depends on meeting the needs of clients in a world of compliance which is constantly undergoing change.

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