Phone Number Suppression

Any good unsubscribe compliance strategy needs to do more than just suppression – it has to be adaptive to every way that you reach out to customers. While we see this most often in email marketing campaigns, by no means is it limited to that medium.

What suppression strategies do you have in place for phone numbers? UnsubCentral is now introducing a new layer of compliance – phone number suppression.

UnsubCentral is more than just a storage and export tool for sensitive contact information – we offer an evolving platform that adapts to changes we’re seeing every day. Our phone number scrubbing is the latest development in resolving our customer’s needs, and is filled with features perfect for SMS and phone marketing campaigns.

  • Upload Raw Phone Numbers – Manually entering in phone numbers to a suppression tool is a waste of time and resources. Our tool can take plain text and compare it against MD5 or SHA hashed lists of phone numbers – simply throw in the data, and it will do the hard work for you.
  • Scrub Numbers in Real Time – Time is money. Our tool is designed to work in real time, meaning thousands of numbers can be scrubbed in seconds and is immediately available to your entire team.
  • Centralized Data – Working remote? No problem. UnsubCentral stores its data in a secure, centralized location that can be accessed by your entire phone marketing team.

Designed with simplicity in mind, our phone number scrubbing tool is already built into our existing unsubscribe ecosystem. Compare numbers on a one-to-one or one-to-many basis – no matter the scale of your project, our tools are built to handle any size request.

For those already using UnsubCentral, no additional work needs to be done to take advantage of this feature. This tool will be added on as an extension of existing services, meaning you won’t have to change anything to take advantage of this new tool.

Staying Compliant With Unsubscribe Requests

The rules regarding email unsubscribes are strict – failure to comply can result in fines of up to $43,280 per email. Laws around robocalling (namely the TRACED Act) also carry steep fees with up to $10,000 per call, but phone marketing from an individual doesn’t carry the same fines.

But just because you won’t be charged for a call doesn’t mean you shouldn’t acknowledge a customer’s preferences. People want to be heard. Failing to acquiesce to a request to stop calling or receiving SMS messages creates more than dissatisfaction – it means losing a customer forever.

Our philosophy is based around giving customers the flexibility to control how you communicate with them. Simply requesting to be taken off of a list doesn’t mean a customer wants to stop using your product or service, but not doing so can push them away from you towards competition. Acknowledging requests builds brand loyalty, increasing the likelihood that they will continue to come even when your communication stops.

Phone Number Compliance is Only One Part of Our Toolbox

Scrubbing phone numbers is only a part of what our unsubscribe compliance tools have to offer. Unsub Defender, our latest offering, goes beyond just phone numbers.

Emails, addresses, zip codes, and more can all be scrubbed with the same degree of ease and efficiency, making it useful for a vast array of unsubscribe requests. Provided any two data sets are standardized, they can be scrubbed, giving you the information you need in seconds. It’s that simple.

UnsubCentral is Committed to Continuous Improvement

In Q3 alone we have added Unsub Defender and our Outbound Email Filtering Tool to our roster of tools in our unsubscribe ecosystem. But don’t expect our offerings to end here. With so many new ways to respond to customer engagement, companies position themselves for success.

We are always open to finding new ways to improve your customer’s experience every day by understanding the changing needs of the environment.

Losing customers when they unsubscribe from your marketing campaigns isn’t a loss – it is an opportunity to learn what works and respond to feedback. UnsubCentral is constantly learning about our client’s experiences, and using that information to create better software to meet those needs.

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