Compare or Suppress Emails, Phone Numbers, or Any Other Data

Compare or Suppress Emails, Phone Numbers, or Any Other Data

Scrubbing Data is Easier Than Ever with Unsub Defender

Unsubscribe compliance takes many forms. With a large variety of methods to reach out to people, whether that be through email, phone, or physical address, there are plenty of ways to reach out to your target demographic. Because of this, there are an equal number of ways to mess up compliance laws as well, requiring unique solutions to meet every need.  This is why it’s important to compare data for different or matching records.

Consider situations in which you are given a list of contacts from an advertiser and need to check this list against your own unsubscribe list. This case presents multiple problems. You need a tool that is able to cross check the names, emails, and phone numbers in this list against your own. More, you need a tool that is able to understand the file format that you have been sent, as well as the file that you are using internally. The process needs to be quick, efficient, and lossless.

In Q3, UnsubCentral will start offering our latest solution in fixing problems like this. Introducing Unsub Defender: a stand-alone scrubbing tool that can read through millions of records in seconds to take your unsubscribe compliance to the next level.

Unsub Defender: The Next Tier of Unsubscribe Compliance

Unsub Defender is a data comparison tool that compares two different files or data sets, and is able to return matching or non-matching results in the same file format provided. It is built into UnsubCentral’s user interface, but is also compatible with data sets outside of the UnsubCentral database, giving it a wide assortment of use-cases. The type of data being compared is not relevant for this tool to function properly – so long as the two data sets are standardized, Unsub Defender can read any data file for any targeted marketing campaign, delivering results quickly and efficiently.

Although designed primarily for publishers who need to suppress their lists against an advertiser’s list, the flexibility of this tool allows for it to be used in any number of circumstances. The most common types of data compared in this type of scrubbing are emails and phone numbers, but this can be expanded to include names, addresses, zip codes – essentially any kind of information you’re looking to scrub. Simply put in the two files you are looking to compare, and Unsub Defender will get the job done.

Do you have a simple, plain text unsubscribe list and the list you need to scrub it against is MD5 or SHA hashed? This poses no problem: Unsub Defender can compare hashed data vs. non-hashed. With unsubscribe compliance being such a touchy issue, tools like this must account for every possible situation – even the ones that haven’t been thought of.

Depending on the size of the files that you’re looking to scrub, doing this manually could take hours, days, or even weeks. With Unsub Defender, time is never an issue. In under a minute, the tool can compare millions of records, making it simple and easy to get the results that you need.

Unsub Defender in an Ecosystem of Unsubscribe Compliance

One of the biggest challenges that the publishing industry faces in terms of unsubscribe compliance is comparing multiple data sets for matching results. Doing this in a timely fashion can be challenging – a lot of heavy lifting goes into matching the file types of these data sets, when the main focus should be on initiating a targeted marketing campaign. Another issue comes with doing this at scale. We heard about these kinds of issues from people like you, and recognized the need to develop Unsub Defender.

Every day at UnsubCentral, we are finding new ways to help our clients meet their unsubscribe goals, and developing new tools to assist them in whatever problem comes their way. Unsub Defender, along with our new Outbound Email Filtering tool which will also be released in Q3, are just two of the many solutions that we have to offer to assist in every way that we can. We are always researching the intersections between customer outreach and marketing compliance.

When customers request an unsubscribe, we don’t see this as a loss, but an opportunity to honor their request and keep them coming back, even when they don’t want to receive emails from you at the same frequency that they have before. Studies have shown that 87% of customers will form a negative opinion of your brand by failing to acknowledge unsubscribe requests. This kind of customer support is about more than just avoiding potential fines – it’s about building solid relationships with the people who hear from you every day, and respecting their needs and wants. Unsub Defender helps ensure efficiency and consistency in email suppression.

Now you can compare data for different or matching records easily and quickly with Unsub Defender.  Contact us to see a demo of how it works.

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