Email Compliance Tool for Corporate Environments

Email Compliance Tool for Corporate Environments

Factoring in Human Error: A New Tool in Email Compliance

UnsubCentral offers a variety of tools to help ensure compliance through data centralization and reporting. We’re pleased to announce our latest development in suppression: the outbound email filtering tool. You may already be familiar with our Outlook email compliance tool. By uploading your nonmailable lists to UnsubCentral’s secure platform, this tool serves as a method of verifying that the people you are sending out emails to aren’t on a Do Not Email list. Individuals on this list are removed from the email in question, with the option of adding them back in should a salesperson request it. This comes with a slew of benefits to the companies that adopt this tool, not least among them compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act. Besides mitigating the risk of paying tens of thousands of dollars in violation of that law, adhering to these guidelines protects your brand’s reputation, keeping customers happy and returning even when they choose to unsubscribe from your mailing list. This tool is immensely helpful for ensuring that emails are going out to the people that they’re supposed to be reaching. By clicking a button, contacts that aren’t meant to be contacted are extracted from any email that you are sending. But what happens when that button isn’t clicked, or if people are accidentally added back in by the sender?

Introducing: Our Outbound Email Filtering Tool

Our latest compliance tool, positioned to be released in Q3 of this year, is the next step in honoring Do Not Email request within your corporate email environment. Rather than being user managed through our Outlook Add-in offering, this outbound email filtering tool is a backend implementation that isn’t just limited to Microsoft Outlook. This tool doesn’t require a sales or marketing team to check the suppression list at all. The outbound email filtering tool will not be replacing our current outlook email compliance tool – it’s simply another offering available to our UnsubCentral userbase. Its functionality makes it discrete and highly effective, and ties into the data centralization and reporting features that we already offer. But how does this tool work in action? Consider a sales team that might be working in mortgage refinance. This kind of business relies heavily on one-to-one emailing – emails sent for this purpose are highly personalized to individuals. With emails being sent out directly to individuals rather than large groups, salespeople may de-emphasize the need to check whether the recipients are on an unsubscribe list. Failing to check this puts your company at risk under the CAN-SPAM Act. Utilizing the outbound email filtering tool prevents your company from being on the wrong side of this simple error. As the email is sent out into the mail environment, it is checked internally against the centralized unsubscribe database, and is blocked before it is sent out. The recipient will not receive the email, and the error will be prevented before it becomes a major issue. Additionally, for the companies sending in Canada abiding by Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), the tool can stop or grant a send by checking against a subscriber list. Managing unsubscribe requests are more than just requests – they are demands that should be taken seriously. Removing the human factor ensures that they are treated for what they are on a computational level – commands that need to be followed in order to ensure that the system is functioning properly.

UnsubCentral’s Commitment to Unsubscribe Compliance

Failure to acknowledge unsubscribe requests can be an expensive mistake. These occur most frequently when data between tech stacks are unable to “talk” to each other. UnsubCentral’s tools are an excellent way to manage this. Human error, however, is a different matter altogether. By creating a tool that is able to manage this more effectively than the click of a button, this error can be easily mitigated. We take a company’s unique business model into consideration before implementing these tools – that’s why we give your company the flexibility to plug and play with the tools that will most effectively keep your customers happy. UnsubCentral is committed to help companies maintain compliance and brand protection easy – our continuing development of new tools and features ensures that whatever changes may come in the world of unsubscribes, your company is protected.

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