How Database Flexibility Helps Retain Customers

How Database Flexibility Helps Retain Customers

The job of a marketer doesn’t end once you’ve gotten a customer to opt-in to communications. Customers want to be heard just as much as you want your message to be heard by them. While your messaging will change and evolve, your customers’ needs and wants will change as well. Unfortunately, this also means that they might want to stop receiving emails from your company.

The Federal Trade Commission is pretty clear on the rules when it comes to opt-outs – cease communication with the customer in ten days, or face heavy fines. Meeting compliance is essential from a legal perspective, but a savvy marketing team would also realize that it is just as important from a customer perspective. Ten days in the age of the internet is slower than pond water – we expect things to be done the second we click a button. Not having those needs met immediately creates immense customer dissatisfaction.

Database flexibility across multiple platforms means having greater control over your unsubscribes through customized features, putting the customer first so that you won’t lose their business even when they want to start seeing less communication from your company.

Does My Company Have an Unsubscribe Problem?

Marketing automation is an incredible tool for reaching audiences you might not even know. It can also get your company in a lot of trouble if you’re not careful with it.

Consider this all too common situation: a customer submits the request to unsubscribe. That request gets updated in List A, yet that customer continues to receive emails from other departments because their information was not sent to List B, C, or D. When situations like this happen and unsubscribe requests are not met, you risk losing that customer for good.

Marketing teams have plenty of tools they use to manage lists of customers, but when left unattended, this can become a significant problem. No marketing ecosystem looks quite the same, but all marketing ecosystems need to stay compliant. This problem can happen in an instance like a company acquisition – you now have to manage two completely different sets of tools and get them to speak the same language.

There is no single cookie-cutter approach to implementing solutions for a marketing initiative, but there is only one way to succeed – making sure the customer’s needs are met. UnsubCentral’s database flexibility allows you to centralize customer information and tailor that data to suit your needs.

Database Flexibility is All About Customization

Customization is the bread and butter of database flexibility and is at the core of what UnsubCentral provides. More than just a tool for suppressing lists of customers, it anticipates the need to make the customer experience better for them and you.

Think about a time that you’ve unsubscribed from an email list – what motivated that decision? People don’t necessarily unsubscribe from your emails because they dislike your product – it is typically due to the frequency of messages that they are receiving. Tools like a preference center allow customers to pick what kinds of messaging they get to see, how often they are getting these messages, or even if they want to hear back from your company at a later date.

Customization in reporting gives you more ways to understand the customer experience, and UnsubCentral gives you a variety of tools to understand this. Our Compliance Monitor can monitor issues in advance, like process failure. For instance, if a customer is unsubscribing multiple times, information about this can be sent to you in real-time to let you know about a compliance issue before it becomes a significant problem.

Go Above and Beyond with Compliance

Compliance laws aren’t going away any time soon – make sure your customers aren’t going away either. UnsubCentral provides your company with a solution that can grow and change alongside your company with customization options that can be integrated with your marketing technology. It gives you the ability to plug and play with feature enhancements to protect your brand and enhance your reporting. As the tools you use change and evolve, UnsubCentral adapts and evolves with you, keeping you compliant every step of the way.

If you’d like to know more about the enhancements UnsubCentral can offer your marketing program, submit a demo request, and someone will be right with you.

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