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Give Your Customers Control with an UnsubCentral Preference Center

Customer interactions drive a company’s marketing strategy. Whether it’s in the form of emails, special offers, texts, or phone calls, the way you communicate with your customer base is hugely important. But so are unsubscribe requests, which need to be honored and fulfilled with no waiting around. A preference center can give you and your customers control, as well as a direct line for feedback. Let’s take a look at the role preference centers play in managing unsubscribes and how partnering with UnsubCentral can make a huge difference.

Preference Centers Give Customers Control

Preference centers allow customers to unsubscribe from emails, texts, phone calls, and other forms of communications. This is another great example of how UnsubCentral can help centralize unsubscribe requests, meaning that customers can request not to be contacted from all sources, even if your company is running marketing and sales campaigns across multiple technologies. UnsubCentral’s preference centers allow for flexibility in the message presented to the customer. For instance, asking how frequently a customer want to receive communications or the specific types of communications they want to receive. The choices on a preference center page can be broad or granular. The main objective is to create a great brand and customer experience, so you have the chance to target that person in the future.

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By implementing a preference center, customers have the ability to self-segment, and decide how and when they want to hear from you. Rather than severing all ties with a global unsubscribe, allow them to opt down, meaning lessen communication without fully stopping it. We aren’t the only company that believes this can help a marketing program. According to a study performed by ExactTarget the number one reason for unsubscribe requests was receiving emails too frequently. This suggests that these customers may have considered staying in touch with the organization, had there been a chance for control over the frequency and type of email communication.

In general, preference centers provide readers with many other benefits, including:

    • Brand Loyalty

Making unsubscribes simple is a big part of positive interactions. When these contacts have the ability to quickly end communication and customize their relationship with your brand, there’s going to be a better chance of getting them as a return customer or having them spread good word about how you value customer relationships.

    • Value Without Spam

Even if a customer doesn’t want to hear about special offers, they may still be interested in company news or new features to your product. Regardless, a preference center can still redirect them to other sources of information, be it in a monthly newsletter or your blog. They’re still able to see the value your company provides without feeling like their inbox is being spammed.

    • Making Their Voice Heard

Customers feel more valued and their feelings validated when they can provide direct feedback. Unfortunately, a study found that only 1 out of 26 customers actually provided their input. The other 25 simply went elsewhere with their business. A preference center can provide an easy survey section where they explain why they’re going elsewhere.

The UnsubCentral Preference Center Difference

At UnsubCentral, we are all about providing unique solutions for your unique unsubscribe needs. This process is branded marketing, through and through, so there shouldn’t be a need to rely on a one-size-fits-all approach. You can have a preference center within minutes, thanks to our intuitive setup wizard, by uploading a logo and customizing the text, background and button colors. If that’s not enough, we can enable access to our HTML templates so the page can really look and feel like your website.

Beyond that, UnsubCentral gives you the entire spectrum of unsubscribe technology. Requests sent through our preference page can be automatically synced with other platforms, as well as reporting to give you a clear picture of when and where unsubscribes are generated.

In the same way that preference centers give your customers control, this resource also providers your business a better chance at customer retention. Here’s a blog we published in 2018, 3 Email Preference Center Examples that Hold on to Subscribers, with how our customers have improved their email programs.

UnsubCentral: The Dynamic Solution for Compliance

At UnsubCentral, we know how important it is to manage unsubscribes. With our platform, you’ll be able to provide customers with a multitude of preferences, as well ensure tip-top brand experience and compliance. To learn more, contact UnsubCentral today.

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