UnsubCentral and HubSpot Have a Seamless Integration

UnsubCentral and HubSpot Have a Seamless Integration

We are excited to announce that UnsubCentral and HubSpot can seamlessly communicate your email suppression list data and sync email preferences with our HubSpot integration.

The integration is a two-way connection and is easily set up within minutes. If you’re interested in seeing it for yourself, request a demo or call our sales team at (615) 393-6716.

What does this HubSpot integration give our customers?

In detail, thanks to the Hubspot integration, our customers will be able to 

  • Centralize and Sync Unsubscribes: UnsubCentral works to monitor your email activity and ensure email compliance. Through a detailed and completely automated compliance, opt-out data is unified and centralized before it is sent to the appropriate channels and removed from others
  • Ensure the sales team honors your opt-out request: customer 1:1 requests are consolidated and managed with UnsubCentral’s email client suppression tool removing any nonmailable addresses before emails go out, preventing communication from reaching those who have opted out or joined “do not email” lists
  • Facilitate Partner Management: Easily Monitor partners to see how often they download suppression lists. From seeing how many unsubscribes specific partners are generating to receiving alerts when partners fail to download your list within a set timeframe, you’ll be able to look at unique reports, metrics, and statistics.
  • Build a Preference Center: If you currently lack a way to offer your customers the option of opting out versus a global unsubscribe, you might be losing out on hundreds of subscribers who only want to cut off some communication not all. Make it easy for them by giving them options through a preference center. 

Why Sync with HubSpot?

The integration was inspired by customers and prospects requesting a way to sync HubSpot with their other email service providers like MailChimp and Marketo. Our goal is to make data management easy so marketing and sales teams can spend their time on initiatives that will increase revenue. 

But our customers asked for the integration features for a reason! By connecting Hubspot and UnsubCentral, you are standardizing your email activity and making it all be in one location, eliminating data silos, as it ensures that all your marketing and unsubscribe lists in HubSpot are consistent with the information in other platforms. Furthermore, as demand for data privacy grows, so does the risk of companies accidentally being in violation of data privacy legislation. To ensure email compliance, it is important to centralize your email lists to make managing the unsubscribe lists easier.   

As most of these new data laws require opt-out and data requests to be honored in real-time, by having the information for those requests and your email lists on the same platform increases convenience, making it straightforward for your outbound marketing emails in HubSpot to be compliant. Having one system means that you will be able to sync opt-outs across your tech stack and proactively monitor affiliates, vendors, and third parties who also have access to your email lists to make sure that the information shared with them remains compliant. 

How to Connect UnsubCentral to Your Hubspot Account

UnsubCentral has worked hard to create instructions that make integration simple for you. Email Service providers and third parties can easily connect Hubspot and UnSubCentral by completing the data transfer. 

This process is relatively easy to implement and takes less than half an hour to get through.  You will start off in UnsubCentral, and automate a data transfer process as a task in our platform. When setting up the data transfer, you will have to clarify whether this is for ‘ESP Integration imports or ‘ESP Integration exports. Following that, set up the name of the task, its description, and set the run time and notification address setting. As you are configuring your task, you will reach the step that tells you to choose the appropriate integration platform which is when you pick Hubspot so that your accounts will get linked. UnsubCentral also possesses the ability to link to other platforms such as ActiveCampaign, Marketo, Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, Sendgrid, and Mailchimp.

Following selecting the integration platform, you must set up OAuth and then authenticate with Hubspot. Once OAuth is established, a dropdown list of the HubSpot data can be chosen within the ‘Pick from Remote Lists’ option. UnsubCentral will be pulling from or pushing to one of these lists, or your HubSpot unsubscribes from all data. You will now be able to test the connection between Hubspot and UnsubCentral to see if the integration process was successful, which can be verified thanks to UnsubCentral’s connection status which will show or deny confirmation.

For a more detailed overview of the process to connect your UnsubCentral service to your Hubspot account, you can reference our guide post, which shows the steps with screenshots of what the process should look like. You may also want to check out our integration directly in your HubSpot portal.

UnsubCentral: Your Partner in the Compliance

We’ve challenged ourselves to make an “easy button” for the industry when it comes to syncing data and staying compliant. That’s why UnsubCentral is the best partner you can choose in compliance.

If you have platforms that need to be connected, let us know about it because there’s not a solution or team out there like ours.

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