Email Client Suppression for Outlook

New Feature: Email Client Suppression for Outlook

Odds are, you maintain email compliance in your marketing emails, but what about when your company sends email from Outlook?

The importance of email compliance doesn’t go away when you send from outside your ESP or marketing automation platform. Contacting your unsubscribers or members of your “do not email” lists can violate the CAN-SPAM Act or even harm your company’s reputation.

Of course, when you leave your marketing platform to send email, you don’t have your platforms’ suppression lists to lean on. Often, this means that when your company sends 1:1 messaging from Outlook or other email clients, it’s difficult to ensure they don’t email nonmailable addresses.

That’s why we’ve released a new email client suppression solution to help you keep compliant, no matter where you send email from.

Introducing Email Client Suppression

With UnsubCentral’s new email client suppression solution, you don’t have to worry about accidentally emailing the wrong people. Just upload your nonmailable lists to UnsubCentral’s secure platform. Then, when your company sends from an email client (e.g. Outlook), UnsubCentral can remove any nonmailable addresses before the email goes out.

To see how our tool works, check out this video:

Just click on the UnsubCentral icon in your Outlook to get started. When UnsubCentral detects nonmailable addresses in your recipient lines, it removes them from your email. These nonmailable addresses appear in the pane on the right, where you can choose to restore them to your email if desired.

Get Compliant in Your Email Client

Here’s what you get with our new tool:

  • Effortless email compliance. UnsubCentral detects and suppresses unsubscribed addresses, preventing violations of email compliance laws.
  • Brand protection. Monitor individuals who send on behalf of your company, preventing unwanted email that harms your reputation.
  • No CRM technology needed. Employees don’t need to learn an additional piece of tech to maintain email compliance.
  • Easy setup. Upload your “do not email” or opt-out lists, and UnsubCentral can take care of the rest.

Want to try out UnsubCentral’s new Outlook solution for yourself? Let us know!

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