unsubcentral at marketo demo day

On July 26, UnsubCentral’s Pat Asbra and Ben Flora attended Marketo’s first-ever Demo Day. At this inaugural event, Marketo LaunchPoint partners gathered to showcase how their solutions help marketers get more out of Marketo.

As a certified Marketo partner, UnsubCentral had the opportunity to introduce our email compliance solutions to the broader Marketo community.

Introducing UnsubCentral

unsubcentral at marketo demo day

Ben Flora demonstrates UnsubCentral’s ability to seamlessly sync email data as Pat Asbra looks on.

UnsubCentral serves as an integration layer for brands with multiple marketing platforms and/or affiliate relationships, making it an ideal solution for marketers who use Marketo in tandem with another email service provider or marketing automation platform.

When UnsubCentral took the stage, attendees first learned how UnsubCentral automates and simplifies:

  • Legal Compliance: Email suppression data must be stored & shared safely to ensure compliance with regulations enacted by CAN-SPAM, CASL, GDPR, and other laws.
  • Corporate Governance: Centralizing email opt-outs helps protect consumer privacy, reducing financial risk and hits to your brand reputation.

After meeting our email compliance solutions, the Demo Day audience watched as the UnsubCentral team walked them through the setup and sync processes.

Setting up the Marketo Integration

UnsubCentral And Marketo Demo

Marketo users can enable the UnsubCentral integration in just a few simple steps.

The audience quickly saw that kicking off UnsubCentral’s Marketo integration is as easy as setting up a new user. To get things going, you just go to Marketo’s admin tools and create an API user for UnsubCentral access. Then, take note of your Munchkin ID, Client ID, and Client Secret ID to enter in the UnsubCentral platform.

Syncing Email List Data with UnsubCentral

UnsubCentral Platform Demo

The UnsubCentral platform makes it easy to set up your data transfer.

Once the integration is enabled, setting up the email list sync is just as simple. As Demo Day attendees saw, Marketo users just need to log into UnsubCentral and enter in their Munchkin ID, Client ID, and Client Secret ID. From there, UnsubCentral pulls over your Marketo email lists, and you just tell it which ones to sync. Simple.

With just ten minutes to demonstrate our solution, UnsubCentral was able to show the Marketo community the integration and syncing process from start to finish. That’s how easy it is to secure your email compliance, no matter what you use to send email.

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