Unsubcentral Marketo Certified Partner

UnsubCentral: A Marketo-Certified Technology Partner

Here at UnsubCentral, we’re proud to announce that UnsubCentral’s integration with Marketo is now certified, making us a Marketo Certified Technology Partner.

What does that mean? Well, first of all, it means we get to display this neat little icon:

marketo certified integration

But it’s not just good news for us. It also means for Marketo users, email compliance is easier than ever.

By integrating with Marketo, UnsubCentral allows emailers to automate their email compliance safely, securely, and seamlessly. Our Marketo Certification means you can count on it.

Opt-Out Management for Marketo Users

As a Marketo Certified technology partner, UnsubCentral provides a centralized location for mailers to store their nonmailable list data. That data could be a list of your unsubscribes, bounced email addresses, or even your unengaged email subscribers.

By storing this list data on the UnsubCentral platform, you have a safe way to share this data with other ESPs, marketing platforms, or your emailing partners. This provides secure data syncing for marketers who send email from multiple ESPs, need a place to store data while migrating to another ESP, or have another reason to store unsubscribes outside of Marketo.

UnsubCentral ensures that you and your partners don’t send email to the wrong addresses, helping maintain CAN-SPAM compliance in your email program. After all, even emailing just one unsubscribed email address can open you up to CAN-SPAM fines.

Use UnsubCentral’s Marketo Integration to Protect Your Brand

With a safe way of managing your suppression list data, you can prevent email compliance missteps from harming your brand reputation. You can also prevent other emailers from hurting your brand too.

UnsubCentral’s partner monitoring tools allow you to see how often partners download your suppression lists, ensuring unsubscribe data is always current. When you protect your brand, you protect your email revenue along with it.

UnsubCentral’s Other ESP Integrations

Not a Marketo user? Do you use other ESPs in tandem with Marketo? UnsubCentral has you covered too.

Our extensive list of integrations is one of the things that sets us apart from other email compliance solutions. UnsubCentral integrates with many leading email service providers, including:

  • Salesforce Email Studio (formerly ExactTarget)
  • PostUp
  • MailChimp
  • Experian CheetahMail
  • Silverpop
  • Epsilon
  • Responsys

and more!

Ready to partner with a Marketo Certified Technology Partner?

Getting started with UnsubCentral is simple. Just click here to visit us in Marketo LaunchPoint, and start automating your email compliance today!

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