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UnsubCentral: Now in Marketo Launchpoint!

A few months ago, we told you about our new Marketo integration.

Now, if you’re like many people, the past few months have probably felt like several lifetimes, so let’s recap this Marketo integration thing real quick:

  • UnsubCentral integrates with Marketo.

Perfect! You’re all caught up. Now let’s move onto our new news:

UnsubCentral is now part of Marketo’s Launchpoint portal.

“What is Marketo Launchpoint?”

Launchpoint is Marketo’s comprehensive marketing solutions ecosystem. Marketo’s LaunchPoint directory showcases their trusted technology and digital services partners who provide leading-edge solutions to help brands drive growth.

By housing their trusted partners in a single place, Marketo Launchpoint makes it easy for marketing automation users to connect with proven solutions that will aid their marketing efforts.

Those proven solutions include UnsubCentral, the only email compliance tool available in Marketo’s Launchpoint portal.

Automating your email compliance with UnsubCentral

Maintaining email compliance is critical for any email marketer, but some email marketing programs are more at risk of CAN-SPAM violations than others, particularly when it comes to honoring opt-outs. Your program may require you to take extra precautions to manage unsubscribes. This can include things like:

  • Teaming up with partners for affiliate email marketing
  • Using a marketing automation platform in tandem with another email service provider
  • Sending email from multiple ESPs

Basically, if you’re sending email from multiple places, you need to have a mechanism in place for ensuring that you honor opt-outs across platforms. Otherwise, you’re opening your email program up to costly CAN-SPAM fines.

UnsubCentral gives you a secure centralized location to store all of your unsubscribes in a single place. Then, it allows you to seamlessly sync list data with your email service provider, marketing automation platform, emailing partners, or any other platform that needs access to your opt-out data to maintain email compliance.

Using UnsubCentral with Marketo

With UnsubCentral’s seamless Marketo integration, Marketo users can store both mailable and nonmailable list data on the UnsubCentral platform. That way, you give your mailing partners or other ESPs secure access to your most recent unsubscribe data with just a few clicks.

By making list syncing simple, you keep your email program compliant, you protect your brand reputation, and you help ensure that CAN-SPAM violations or poor partner habits don’t derail your email revenue.

I’m a Marketo user! Now what?

Just click here to visit our Marketo Launchpoint page and read about how UnsubCentral can help you maintain compliance in your email program. Ready to start automating your email compliance with a solution that seamlessly fits your marketing platform? Let us know!

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