Mailchimp Integration Makes Email Compliance Simple

UnsubCentral’s Mailchimp Integration Makes Email Compliance Simple

Did you know UnsubCentral integrates with Mailchimp?

In fact, Mailchimp is just one of the platforms that UnsubCentral integrates with. Here at UnsubCentral, we’re pretty big on email compliance. That’s why we want to make it as easy as possible for you to keep your email program in line with the CAN-SPAM Act and other email regulations.

By integrating your email service provider with UnsubCentral’s global suppression list management solutions, you can keep that email compliance monkey off your back.

Are you using Mailchimp? Do you need help managing your opt-outs? Are bad partners damaging your affiliate marketing program? Here are some ways that UnsubCentral can help.

Use UnsubCentral’s platform to centralize your data when mailing from multiple ESPs.

For many reasons, companies may use multiple email service providers to send email. Unfortunately, this can make managing opt-outs difficult. If your multiple ESPs aren’t in perfect sync, you might be sending mail to people who have unsubscribed from your communication. Of course, you’ve probably spent  a little time in the email marketing space. We probably don’t need to tell you how big of a no-no sending to opt-outs is.

[Need a CAN-SPAM refresher? Click here to download our Email Compliance Guide.]

With this Mailchimp integration in place, you can centralize your suppression data in a single, secure place. That way, you keep your program compliant and your unsubscribers happy.

Maintain compliance in your affiliate email marketing program with our Mailchimp integration.

So maybe your brand doesn’t use multiple ESPs, but you’re emailing with a partner who has their own ESP. To stay compliant, all participants must have access to opt-out data. Unfortunately, sending this data yourself can be tedious and unsecure. UnsubCentral helps affiliate marketers who send mail through Mailchimp share their opt-out data securely.

By housing your data on the UnsubCentral platform, you can give affiliates simple, secure access to your suppression lists. That way, you don’t have to send a list of email addresses over manually. The less time you have to spend on email marketing busy work, the greater your email marketing ROI can be.

Protect your brand by monitoring partner activity in your affiliate program.

No matter how much effort you put into picking your affiliate email marketing partners, emailing with other parties can be risky. A rogue partner could abuse your list with too-frequent mailings, fail to scrub against suppression data, or engage in otherwise poor emailing behavior that annoys your customers.

UnsubCentral makes it easy for your partners to stay compliant too. This may help prevent them from damaging your brand reputation. By allowing partners to download suppression data quickly, you make it more likely that they’ll scrub against suppression files and keep their email lists up-to-date.

If you’re still wary of your affiliates, UnsubCentral’s Mailchimp integration also arms you with partner monitoring tools. That way, you ensure that the only monkey business in your email program is the name of your ESP.

For more information about how UnsubCentral can integrate with Mailchimp or whatever email service provider you use, contact [email protected]. Or if you’re ready to automate your email compliance and see the platform in action, click here to get a demo!

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