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Automate your list management with UnsubCentral’s Marketo API integration

Are you a Marketo user? Are you planning to become a Marketo user? Are you a non-Marketo user who enjoys keeping up with Marketo API integration news for some reason?

Good news! UnsubCentral now integrates with Marketo, allowing all Marketoans to centralize email list data securely, safely, and — best of all — automatically.

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Wait, why do I need email list management?

There are many use cases that might require sharing email lists with other mailers or across platforms. Perhaps you’re using email marketing in your affiliate marketing program. Maybe you’re teaming up with partners to increase your email revenue. Or maybe your company uses multiple ESPs to send marketing emails. At any rate, if you’re syncing email list data back and forth, you need a way to do so securely and (ideally) automatically.

How can automating email list management help me out?

Transferring data between platforms by hand is a pain. By automating your list management, you save time and eliminate errors. You also ensure that all mailers have access to the most current list data. When CAN-SPAM compliance issues can set you back legally and financially, you can’t afford to mismanage your opt-outs.

Sounds good so far. Any other benefits from this?

Well, brand safety is a serious concern right now. Advertisers don’t want to lose the trust of their audience by appearing alongside brand-unsafe content. Brand safety is important in email campaigns too. If you’re emailing with partners, you don’t want a partner to tarnish your reputation by going rogue with your email list. Integrating with UnsubCentral allows you to monitor your emailing partners to see when they download your lists or send mail to them. That way, you make sure they’re not abusing your email list by failing to honor opt-outs or sending excessive mailings.

What if I don’t use Marketo?

No problem! UnsubCentral integrates with plenty of other solutions as well. We’ll probably get along just fine.

Okay, so how do I get started?

Just click here to view our listing in Marketo LaunchPoint! If you have a question about our Marketo API integration, integration with other platforms, or suppression list management in general, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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