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Turn Site Visitors into Leads with Onsite Email Capture

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As the calendar inched ever closer to the Great Eclipse of 2017, millions of sky-curious Americans set out to prepare. These amateur astronomers turned to the internet for eclipse glasses, travel accommodations, and a definitive answer to that burning question: “Okay, but seriously, what happens if I just look at the sun for, like, a second?”

By visiting websites for these answers, these audiences signaled their interest in the eclipse. It’s pretty safe to say these site visitors would be receptive to additional eclipse information. Likewise, your own site visitors have signaled an interest in your company just by clicking your way. That’s why it’s important to establish contact with these visitors. But are you?

Companies spend ample time and resources on their co-registration efforts, but sometimes the most valuable leads are under their nose. By using onsite capture devices to grow your email list organically, you can connect with more of your most valuable leads: your site traffic. Here are four ways onsite capture can help your email program.


1. Improve the quality of your leads.

Like we talked about before, your site visitors already have some sort of interest in your company. If you let them pass by without establishing content, you’re missing a valuable opportunity. It could be years before the stars (or the Sun, Moon, and Earth) align again and give you another chance to connect. Get their email address, and you basically get the right to market to these captive audiences indefinitely.

This ensures you get the most high-quality leads. Unfortunately, many people who purchased eclipse glasses were left in the dark after they found out that their glasses were poor-quality counterfeit glasses. By allowing your site visitors to opt into your email communication, you grow your list organically. This is the best way to ensure you’re sending marketing emails to high-quality recipients.


2. Collect more data from your leads.

Companies court Millennials as if they were an alien species. They try endlessly to speak their language and figure out their strange new apps. Yet, email marketing is still what everybody responds to the most. The humble email inbox. It’s the largest social media network, it’s the place we turn to when we want to get things done, and it’s also the most personal form of digital communication. That doesn’t mean your onsite data collection has to stop at the email address.

Onsite capture gives you the opportunity to collect as much (or as little) data as you want. Progressive capture forms even allow you to collect data one step at a time, increasing the likelihood that visitors submit at least some data. Growing your list with organic capture ensures you get the most data from your most interested leads.


3. Respect your leads with intelligent capture devices.

Onsite capture isn’t limited to static capture anymore. Smarter capture devices adapt to reader behaviors, whether content consumption, scrolling, or even the device they’re using. These devices can also capture email addresses with polls and quizzes too. They’re friendlier for your users, and they work better for you too. In fact, intelligent capture devices can be 5-20 times more effective than regular static email forms.

Marketers can configure their intelligent capture widgets to show up at the height of reader interest. This might be after the reader has had a chance to view your content or after they have clicked on a second page. No two audiences are alike, which is why these intelligent widgets also allow for rigorous A/B testing so you can optimize your capture widgets for maximum conversion potential.

So why is it important to wait until audience interest reaches a high point before displaying your capture widgets? It increases the chance that they don’t ignore you. You also make sure you don’t burn a hole in their retinas by showing the same form over and over again.


4. Spend less money acquiring leads.

Your site visitors weren’t forced to click on your site. They made the choice to visit, which means they’re interested in what you have to offer. As a result, the leads you get from onsite email capture are more likely to convert.

By letting your leads come to you, you decrease the cost of lead acquisition and put a little more money back in your pocket. How can you use that money? You can put those resources back towards creating emails, acting on your email data, or even just set it aside for a trip to see the next great eclipse in 2024.


Warning: Do not look directly into your email ROI!

For 14 years, UnsubCentral has focused on helping companies keep their email programs compliant. Our new Opt-In Central solutions are helping those companies grow their email lists too. With Opt-In Central’s intelligent capture devices, you can grow your list, your leads, and email ROI. That means a future so bright, you’ll have to bring a pinhole camera to your next planning meeting.

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