UnsubCentral’s Email Suppression List Security Makes the Honor Roll…Again!

UnsubCentral’s Email Suppression List Security Makes the Honor Roll…Again!

At UnsubCentral, we take email suppression list security pretty seriously. And it shows.

For the third year in a row, UnsubCentral qualified for the Online Trust Alliance’s Honor Roll. What does that mean?  In short, it means UnsubCentral is an industry leader in security and privacy excellence. But if you want to know more, we’ve put together a little guide for you.


What is the OTA?

Founded in 2004, the Online Trust Alliance has brought together public and private sector stakeholders to develop best practices that maximize consumer trust and protection. It has galvanized industry leaders to develop technical standards to fight spam, promote email authentication, ensure privacy best practices, and keep the web safe. The OTA recently teamed up with the Internet Society (ISOC), enhancing their commitment to global online security.  Because of their unwavering pursuit of security, UnsubCentral is proud to be an OTA member.

Makes sense. But what’s the OTA Honor Roll?

Every year, the OTA conducts its Online Trust Audit, the only comprehensive and independent study of its kind. Through this research, the OTA works to raise the level of data security and online privacy. In the meantime, they also like to highlight the organizations that demonstrate this security and privacy excellence. The OTA’s Honor Roll recognizes the ongoing vigilance of the top performing websites in its audit.

How do sites qualify for the Honor Roll?

The OTA tightened their requirements for honor roll inclusion this year, but OTA members had no problem meeting these stricter standards. 96.8% of all OTA members made the honor roll.

This year’s Online Trust Audit evaluates websites in three categories: consumer protection, responsible privacy practices and security. Sites can earn up to 100 baseline points in each category. They earn bonus points for emerging best practices, while the audit applies penalty points for breaches, legal settlements and vulnerabilities. The OTA tightened their criteria this year, requiring a minimum score of 60 in each of the three areas. This is up from 55 in past years. Based on a composite weighted analysis, sites that scored 80 percent or better overall, without failing a category, received Honor Roll status.

Is this a big deal?

Well, who doesn’t like being recognized for their data security accomplishments? Maybe we’re a little biased, so we’ll let the OTA speak for themselves. According to OTA founder and president Craig Spiezle:

“The websites that made the Honor Roll should be proud of their accomplishments because it shows that they value the security and privacy of their customers… These companies should be commended for going beyond the status quo by adapting to the evolving threat landscape, and ensuring their privacy policy is transparent and their customers’ information is respected.”

So, pretty cool, right?

Yeah, for sure! So how does UnsubCentral ensure web security and privacy?

At UnsubCentral, we’re dedicated to compliance, security, and building trust with users. As extensive security practices become the norm, we’re not just satisfied with mere compliance. Our commitment extends beyond data security to ensure your brand safety as well.  UnsubCentral provides a way for brands to securely distribute their suppression lists, monitor partner compliance, and protect sensitive data.

For more information on how our email suppression list security practices set the standard for list management, check out our security page.

How can I learn more about the Online Trust Alliance?

Glad you asked! For the latest in OTA news and best practices, visit OTAlliance.org. To read about other Internet Society initiatives, visit the ISOC website.

Want to find out more about the 2017 Online Trust Audit? Visit the 2017 OTA Honor Roll page here, or if you’re in the mood for a little light reading, you can read the entire 2017 Online Trust Audit.

How can I express my gratitude for this handy guide?

All we ask is that you continue your commitment to online privacy and security best practices. We also accept baked goods.

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