Travel Tips For Your Co-Marketing Trip

4 Travel Tips For Your Co-Marketing Trip

There are many benefits to making email co-marketing part of your marketing strategy. It will give you the opportunity to create lasting relationships with like-minded brands. A co-marketing campaign will allow you to be introduced and get to know a new audience that is open to building a trusting relationship with your brand. It will also help to strengthen your message with your own customers because you’ve recommended a brand that they may like and created something useful for them.

Now that I’ve piqued your interest, I will be your captain for this excursion. We’ll be navigating how to pick the right partner for your co-marketing campaign. If you’ve already found your ideal travel companion you can book a trip for 5 Stellar Co-marketing Campaigns to Copy or 3 Wildly Successful Co-Marketing Campaigns with Publishers. Off we go into the wild blue yonder…

1. Find Your Travel Companion

It’s a clear day with little to no wind, so turbulence shouldn’t be an issue when finding your perfect co-marketing match. I’m sure you’re thinking, “But how will I know I’ve found them, oh captain my captain?” Simply answer the following questions:

  • Does working with this company make sense for my brand?
    The answer to this question is about more than social metrics. It’s great if a company can offer an extensive audience, but the value of what you can offer each other’s customers is most important because it offers the best ROI in terms of conversion and future partnerships. If you have a company that sells workout gear think about working with a juicing company instead of a company that sells chainsaws. Even if taking a chainsaw to something sounds therapeutic, it also sounds crazy.
  • Do we share common goals?
    What experience or asset will be of most benefit to your customer? Think about how your partner can fit that narrative. Your partnership will be more successful if your main goal is to create something that benefits both of your customers.

  • What do I have to offer?
    Get your game face on and think before you make contact. What specific pieces of information are you looking to collect? Consider what information is valuable to your potential partner. Now’s the time to think beyond name and email. In order to collect information that you can use to create meaningful and entertaining email reach outside the inbox, try zip code, birthday or shoe size. This will make your offer for collaboration one that’ll be hard to refuse.

2. Make the Connection

So now that you’ve got your signal locked on a fellow marketing traveller, it’s time to seal the deal. But how? The goal is to make a personal connection, not only to make an immediate bump in contacts, but to provide useful content for customers while fostering a relationship. Consider sending a LinkedIn message or tweeting the brand you’re interested in working with. Let them know that you have a worthwhile interesting project you think would be fun to collaborate on and see if they bite.

Remember to focus on the benefits for both of you that will come from working together. How will both of you benefit from a partnership?

3. Know Your Flight Path

You’ve made contact and they’ve obviously said yes. You’ve found out what initiatives everyone’s agreed on and you need to chart your flight path. Take initiative and have your co-marketing campaign as complete as possible. It’s easier to provide something to sign off on instead of shuffling your feet waiting for someone to complete a portion allotted to them.

4. Bonus For The Jet Set

Sharing plain text emails is an offense worse than smoking in the bathroom on a plane. Be sure any lists you share are encrypted. Don’t forget to check your lists for duplicates so that shared customers aren’t getting the same message twice.

This is your captain speaking. It’s a beautiful day in sunny email co-marketing city. You’ve reached your destination, and you can kick back with a pina colada and wait until the campaign data comes back.

If you still need help planning your journey through the land of email co-marketing campaigns, please contact us at [email protected]. We offer list scrubbing before and after co-marketing email campaigns. We’ve helped dozens of major brands reach their campaign goals via co-marketing. Book your next co-marketing flight with us!

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