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3 Wildly Successful Email Co-Marketing Campaigns with Publishers

Once you’ve completed the herculean task of picking a company to co-market with, it’s time to decide how to execute your plan. Will you offer a giveaway? A discount? Provide beloved customers (or potential customers) with invaluable information? And once you’ve answered these questions, on an even more practical level, how do you execute your plan? What do you need to ensure your campaign will come to fruition with no hiccups and a whole lotta payoff?

Well I’ve got three killer email co-marketing campaigns to show you, from companies who have their co-marketing campaigns taking them to the bank. So without further ado, let’s show their moves.

Lucky Peach and The Paris Review

If you’re into interesting culinary info, check out Lucky Peach, the print brainchild of Momofuku Chef David Chang and food writer Peter Meehan. This nifty publication sends a weekly newsletter with some great deals for gift-giving holidays, and sometimes just because, like their recent collaboration with The Paris Review. This collaboration is a great idea because both of these publications reach the same demographic people with specific niche interest in, and those that overlap between the two brands are very to likely to get in on this deal. Those that don’t overlap have hopefully become new subscribers.

co-marketing campaigns with publishers

Saveur and Williams-Sonoma

Williams-Sonoma knows the best offense is a good defense. By partnering with a publication like Saveur, they’re helping customers buying that $100 stainless steel saute pan solidify their decision (Fond makes the best gravy, duh. Take that non-stick pans!). We’re going to walk you through all the things this partnership has done oh-so-right.

Williams-Sonoma is consistent every step of the way. They know who to target (food enthused and/or home cooks), how to target them, and once they have their attention, how to get the most out of it. Their email marketing efforts get an A+.

co-marketing campaigns with publishers

Then came this form that not only told me about all the cool stuff I could win but also gives me the option to opt-in (or not) for Saveur emails.


They made sure to include several calls-to-action at the top of the form. Time and space is money, and they’re not wasting theirs or their subscriber’s.

co-marketing campaigns with publishers

Refinery29 and DramaFever

Refinery29 is the “it girl” when it comes to publications for female 20-40 somethings. So you better believe they’re on point with their marketing efforts. Instagram, Snapchat -they do all things social marketing, and they’ve got their perfectly lined eyes on streaming services too. That means they know that DramaFever is the new K-Drama subscriber-rich kid on the block.

They targeted the DramaFever crowd a few months ago when they sent out this offer to DramaFever subscribers:

co-marketing campaigns with publishers

If that wasn’t enough to cause widespread pandemonium, they followed up with this super simple landing page. The form is meant for maximum email capture potential. Notice the BIG social sharing buttons.

co-marketing campaigns with publishers

So what did we learn about running a successful co-marketing campaign from these brands?

Do your research and find your kindred marketing spirit. It’s important to know the demographics your partner targets so that you know if they align with your own goals. Choosing the right brand can determine a campaign’s success. Decide how your campaign will benefit both parties. Knowing the benefits of partnering with you will give other brands a reason to jump into your co-marketing adventure.

Create specific messages for your customers. You know best what your customers want to hear, and how, so use your own carefully curated voice to offer them your co-marketing campaign. Do you want clicks, emails, purchases? Focus on streamlining your message for that purpose. Be sure to include social links from both parties.

If you have any other co-marketing quandaries you’d like answered feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. We offer business-to-business list scrubbing— before and after co-marketing email campaigns—so brand participants can keep email lists secure. We’ve helped dozens of major brands reach their campaign goals via co-marketing. Yours can be next.


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