3 Tips for List Scrubbing and Beyond

List scrubbing is a necessary tool for being compliant when sending emails. By the sound of it, email list scrubbing means making your lists squeaky clean. But there are uses for scrubbing beyond compliance. List scrubbing means comparing two (or more) encrypted email lists to look for data that does or does not match. Co-marketing, having a central hub for all your email platforms, and segmentation are all marketing strategies that email list scrubbing can help achieve. Here’s a look at how we help our clients scrub their lists.

1. Security 

When two different companies produce a piece of content or create a joint offer and present it to their audiences, it means they’ll likely be sharing email lists. Sharing your list with a carefully selected partner can be an effective way to gain new customers. Understandably, many companies will be reluctant to share their lists and it may even be against their privacy policies. UnsubCentral provides a secure space to share encrypted data. We’ll scrub your lists to make sure you’re not mailing the same customers twice and that you’re honoring opt-outs on both sides.

2. Segmentation 

Often times enterprise-level companies wish to cross-promote their products between their own business units. Today’s tech-savvy customer will expect you to know that they may do business with more than one of your brands. Before conducting cross-promotions, you will want to compare lists to make sure the customers are not already on both lists and already own the product you are cross-promoting. If your lists are too large to manage internally, we can do that comparison for you. This can be done as a onetime list scrub, or we can provide ongoing support as your list continues to grow.

3. Co-Marketing 

As companies grow, they can acquire a number of tools to manage their day-to-day activities, and this includes Email Service Providers. In order to stay CAN-SPAM compliant, you will need a central location for all your unsubscribes so that you can follow the law. Communicating between platforms can be difficult. By using UnsubCentral to host your lists, you will be able to make sure your data is up-to-date in all your platforms and encrypted for security. We can also provide easy-to-use tools for your affiliates.

We hope we’ve left you with some good insights about how list scrubbing can help you. If you have any questions about what else you can do to curb opt-outs send them to us at [email protected]. Get scrubbing!


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