Stay In The Pink and Out of The SPAM Folder

There comes a time in all our marketing lives where we wonder, what have we done? This moment can manifest for a variety of reasons, but email campaigns should never be one. Emails are that standby guy in the rom-com, the old friend the girl can always count on to deliver. Email is our Duckie.

Like a rom-com there’s always that cute new platform that moved in down the street that doesn’t appreciate us like it should ahem*snapchat. Unlike a rom-com, our relationship with our best friend email takes work. We don’t get what we don’t give. So how do we give our all?



Give your subscribers a reason to click on those emails. When you are able to speak to your subscriber like you know them then you’re at your personalization peak. Try to think beyond using a person’s name for personalization. Try to use other information you have available to you, like what emails they’ve previously opened, their time zone or even the anniversary of their subscription.

Personalization is about delighting your customers so that their experiences aren’t only good but memorable. Thereby nudging them to open the next time you send them something.

Preferencerize (not real a word but rhyming with personalize is tricky)

How else do we gather intel to provide our subscribers with the best experience? The answer to that very specific question is using a preference center. Utilizing a preference platform gives your customers the ability to tell the future, at least when it comes to your email program, because they’ll have picked what’s in store in for them. All that’ll be left for you to do is hand over the goods.

A good preference collector lets a customer pick frequency, topic, and mode of communication. It’s also a good option for unsubscription damage control. Providing a preference center can encourage your subscribers to opt down, not out.

If you have any questions about what else you can do to curb opt outs send them to us at [email protected]. Keep on keepin on marketers!

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